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Bain & Company’s Chief MBA Recruiter Tells You How To Get Hired

Head of global consultant recruitment, Keith Bevans, says 2019 will be a record year for MBA hiring at Bain & Company

Mon Jan 21 2019

Keith Bevans recalls asking for the check in a restaurant recently. The waiter came over, dropped a tablet on the table, and walked away. On it, a menu of questions: did Keith enjoy his experience? What tip would he like to leave? Does he want to sign up to their mailing list?

This, Keith says, reminded him of the same problem consultants have been solving since he joined Bain & Company over 20 years ago: How do you ensure customers have a great experience? And how can you make sure employees are engaged in a productive way?

“That answer is dramatically different now,” he says. Digitization has changed the way companies operate and means they ask even more of consultants at firms like Bain.

Keith, an MBA graduate from Harvard Business School, has led global consultant recruitment at Bain since 2013. He spends his time speaking with hundreds of MBA students on-campus each year.

He’s eager to find the best possible talent out there and bring them to Bain—a firm that was named the best place to work in 2019 by Glassdoor.

Last year, Bain hired over 500...

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