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What Does Bain & Company Want From Its MBA Hires In 2018?

Keith Bevans, Bain’s global head of consulting recruitment, explains what MBA students can do to stand out

Tue Jan 2 2018

Speaking to BusinessBecause in January 2017, Keith Bevans, Bain & Company’s global head of consulting recruitment, laid down the marker for the year ahead.

He set out to hire a record number of consultants in 2017, eclipsing the 400 hired a year previously. He did just that.

This year, the plan is to hire around 500 MBAs into consulting positions at Bain. Bain will also hire a record number of MBA interns this summer—90% of interns get offers to join Bain full-time.

Working for Bain is not the same as working for McKinsey or BCG. Bain has 55 offices in 36 countries around the world. It’s worked with over 4,600 companies in every region of the world. It’s ranked in Glassdoor’s top-four companies to work for every year for the last ten years.

Keith, an MBA graduate from Harvard Business School, has headed up global consulting recruitment at Bain since 2013. He...

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