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Inside View: EE

In this exclusive interview, find out how you can get a job with UK broadband and mobile giants EE - who are keen to target more MBAs!

Thu Oct 3 2013

EE is looking to tap into the MBA market. They are a leading mobile network operating and broadband service in the UK, and a provider of the super-fast fiber-optic 4G broadband. EE is one of the Sunday Times big companies to work for and have advertised jobs on BusinessBecause for MBAs keen to get into the technology/telecoms industry.

The company has around 28 million customers and is the UK's biggest and fastest overall network. If you want to join a fast-growing, major brand, then look no further than EE. In this exclusive interview, the company gives us an insight into what its like to work at EE, why they are targeting MBAs and what you can expect to gain after a year with the company. We spoke to Jonathan Bevan (Jonny) and Joseph Giordano (Joe).

What is your exact role within the company and how long have you worked there?

Joe: I am a Senior Commercial Trading Manager at EE and I have been at the company for eight years.

I initially joined as employee in the risk department and later moved into the finance department. After numerous years in those roles, I moved over to a senior trading role in one of the telesales channels, as a Senior Commercial Trading Manager.

Essentially our team is a front-door for sales; we ensure that the sales ambition of the company is delivered, along with the impact for the profit and loss. We try to drive volume and value according to a specific sales channel, whether direct, as in telesales, website and retail or indirect, through Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4u stores. We are also the point of contact for marketing and finance.

Jonny: I’m a Senior Resourcing Consultant for head office roles.

Why are you hoping to hire more MBAs at EE?

Jonny: We’re looking to tap into the MBA market a bit more, to bring in recognised quality talent. We can get quite a lot out of MBAs and they understand the commercial side of the business, and are even more relevant in sales.

We also want to start looking at our future leaders and MBAs are a good place to start. We will bring an MBA in at whatever level, and in three-five years they could be in leadership roles.

Do you need to have a technology or telecoms background to work with EE?

Jonny: You don’t necessarily have to have one, but we expect you to have a desire or interest in technology, at all levels throughout the business. After all, we are market leaders in the space.

Joe: A financial or commercial background is very desirable in my area.

What makes EE a great place for MBAs to work?

Joe: I think it’s great to be at the forefront of the mobile telecoms sector in this country. I think our ambition is one of the key things that draws people in. We are trying to do some very ambitious things. We are leading the way, but we don’t want to sit on that: we want to continually develop and progress, and for me that’s appealing.

What can an MBA expect within their first year working with EE?

Jonny: We have a strong training and development team that looks at various ways of helping you progress in your career. Everybody has a personal development plan as well. But it’s not just what we can provide, but how committed and interested someone is in wanting to develop themselves.

Joe: One of the key things is that because we’re such a large company, there are so many internal opportunities. If there are other areas around the company that interest you, the company promotes you switching across and broadening your expertise across functions. The beauty is that because we are such a large company, opportunities exist everywhere.

What is the office culture like at EE?

Joe: Somebody new coming in would find this environment incredibly professional but incredibly supportive at the same time. We all rely on each other and pull together which is a very admirable trait for a company of our size. In my opinion, we don’t have a silo approach, especially for two giants coming together. We really have embraced the change and come together. There’s a real sense of team spirit and energy with everyone striving for the same ambitious goals. The pace is fast with an emphasis on delivery – which means that people have the opportunities to engage in transformational work, things that really have an impact and make a difference.

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