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Inside View: Accenture Technology Consulting

What's a typical day for an Accenture consultant?

Company: Accenture

Industry: Consulting, Technology service

City: London

Role: Analyst

A typical day: A typical day at Accenture varies hugely between project and role, which tends to change every 6 to 12 months depending on supply and demand. This description is for a functional design role I did for large banking client that needed to upgrade their mortgage interview computer system.

Get in at 8am, check through my emails for 15 minutes then start preparing for a meeting at 9/9:30. I'd spend the majority of my time in meetings with my Accenture team or the clients team (or both) discussing various organizational aspects of the project, collecting, collating and prioritizing requirements from the client and presenting our designs/explaining how the system would work. Other than that I'd be updating and maintaining project finance spreadsheets, creating project design/requirements documents and submitting them for sign off by the client. I'd usually hope to finish work around 7/7:30pm.

Remuneration: A good annual salary + usual package, 'performance points' (can be exchanged for vouchers), regular team lunches/dinners/drinks.

Application process: I picked up the Sunday Times top 100 graduate employers book from my university and applied online to the top 10. The initial application was online - the usual essay questions etc.

Cost of living: Once hired you were assigned a 'home office', mine was in London as that's where I interviewed. Within your home office city you paid for your own accommodation/expenses but if you travelled to a different city or country to work your accommodation and expenses were covered by the company.

Lifestyle: Work hard, but get rewarded for it - the company spends a lot of money on making sure their employees are kept happy. There were many company funded social functions which involved heavy drinking.

Next career step: I'm now one of the Directors of BusinessBecause and a member of the Accenture alumni network. I feel that the training and experiences that Accenture provided has been invaluable to me in my future career. I made a lot of good friends from my time with Accenture who I'm sure I'll now know for the rest of my life. 


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