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Inside View: JP Morgan Fixed Income Analyst

Chuan Li's perspective of working for JP Morgan in Edinburgh, Scotland

Company: JP Morgan

Industry: Finance

City: Edinburgh

Role: Fixed Income Analyst

The main objective in this job in one sentence: Calculate and provide amortization figure (reduction in price) to fund accounting team

A typical day: Provide daily report, answer internal and external queries regarding fixed income trades and prices

Remuneration: Between 22,000 to 26,000 GBP annually

Application process: Go through recruiting agent. Start as a temp and was given a permanent contract later

Cost of living: 500-600 GBP per month if you are trying to save money

Lifestyle: Reasonable pressure, have own time to develop professional skills. Not much overtime

Next career step: Move over to front office in the same industry


Thursday 18th March 2010, 17.49 (UTC)


im qualified for the job

Thursday 18th March 2010, 23.04 (UTC)


really??! why?

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