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Inside McKinsey Solutions: Roni Lieber

Former scientific researcher Roni Lieber is a solution specialist with McKinsey Solutions, based in Tel Aviv, where she helps organisations use data analytics to improve performance

Tue Aug 30 2016

BusinessBecause takes an inside look at professional life at McKinsey Solutions, the innovative data analytics arm of consulting powerhouse McKinsey and Co. Read more on the McKinsey Careers blog.  

Roni Lieber is a solution specialist with McKinsey Solutions who is based in Tel Aviv. Roni has worked in a variety of industries as an expert in organizational psychology, predictive analytics, and psychometrics. Drawn to McKinsey for the people, culture, and opportunities, she’s loving working on fascinating topics, deepening her expertise, and having the flexibility to balance her full life.

Why did you apply to McKinsey?

I was looking for an environment that provided intellectual stimulation and fast-paced action. Before McKinsey, I worked in a neuroscience lab, focusing on sex differences in the brain; while the topic was fascinating, I felt isolated from the world. The rhythm was too slow and there were so many barriers to action. I received an invitation to a recruiting event with McKinsey – a firm I hadn’t heard of previously – and the rest is history.

Why did you join McKinsey Solutions (MSO) in particular?

I wanted more depth and MSO offered the opportunity to quickly become an expert. In addition, the working relationships I form are deep as I work with the same internal team for long periods of time and my clients know I’m always available for them as an expert in my field.

What keeps you at McKinsey?

The people I work with are simply the best of the best. I have flexibility and balance in my life – I’m doing exciting work that’s at the leading edge of consulting. I’m also a new mom (my baby is 6 months old), an avid indoor cyclist, and a vocalist (I recorded a few songs last year but they aren’t on YouTube). I'm a feminist and have taught Psychobiology of Gender at the university level.

What has been your most rewarding engagement at the firm?

Working with a European bank on the human resources arm of their organization. I introduced the team of HR executives to a vision of the future of the HR function. The chief HR officer told me she was grateful that I "took them into the work of analytics."

What advice would you give to others considering McKinsey?

Figure out what you are excited about and go from there. The possibilities within McKinsey are endless; it's truly a firm where anyone who is passionate can find opportunity.

McKinsey Solutions is a new service from McKinsey and Company, combining the firm’s industry and functional expertise with data science. McKinsey Solutions employs over 500 professionals, including subject matter experts, data analysts, and software developers. The 15 solutions currently offered bring together packages of data, enterprise software and analytical services to help organisations make better decisions. McKinsey Solutions covers industries ranging from consumer goods to energy to healthcare, and five business functions including marketing, operations and strategy. 

Current vacancies: 

Manager of solution delivery and consulting EMEA, Horizon 360 McKinsey Solution

Senior manager, OrgSolutions

Client Development Executive, Panorama, McKinsey Solution

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