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Where are you heading to?

Why Hong Kong for an MBA? It's a dynamic, upbeat, 'can do' city which continues to strengthen its status as the world's freest economy.

Applying for an MBA, or a job, in Hong Kong, could be a great choice - here are some reasons why!

  1. It's a major business hub: every year more companies establish their international headquarters in Hong Kong, creating new job opportunities.
  2. Lost in translation? Hong Kong is probably the most Chinese-English bilingual city.
  3. Many expatriates call Singapore boring while Hong Kong offers a lively bar and club scene.
  4. Internet control. Fear being blocked from your favorite video channel or news network? You don't need to worry in Hong Kong, which has escaped the tight internet controls of mainland China - one reason to explain why Google has transfered its Chinese headquarters to Hong Kong.
  5. Nature. Alongside Hong Kong's vibrant city, the territory has 200 Islands and is blessed with some wonderful beaches.
  6. Education. Add a Chinese university to your resume and you'll be ready to face any economic crisis with confidence. Hong Kong offers top-notch education at elite institutions such as The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  7. Do you plan to invest in the country you're living in? A few figures that make Hong Kong appealing: 16.5% profit tax, 15% salary tax, No sales tax or VAT, No dividends tax, No capital gains tax.
  8. Do you plan to set up your business in Asia and hire people? In Hong Kong you'll find employees who are market savvy and have an appreciation of the business culture in fast-growing mainland China and across Asia.
  9. Do you want to avoid any visa issues? Hong Kong’s immigration polices are designed to attract professionals and investors to ensure the city’s continued competitiveness and enrich the quality of Hong Kong’s workforce. The city offers 4 different kinds of visas.
  10. Competitiveness. Hong Kong was ranked #1 by the Institute for Management Development in the 2011 World Competitiveness Rankings.

For all the these reasons and undoubtedly many others, keep Hong Kong on your list if you plan to accelerate your career in Asia.

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