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CUHK MBA Brings Corporate Social Responsibility To Center Stage

Jay Yoo organized this year’s Graduate Business Conference at CUHK Business School, with his passion for corporate social responsibility driving discussions

Jay Yoo, an MBA student at Hong Kong’s CUHK Business School, has a passion for socially-responsible business. With this in mind, he undertook his MBA, confident that it would help him take a step towards starting his own socially-impactful consulting firm.

Jay Yoo organized this year’s Graduate Business Conference held at CUHK, which brings together government representatives, leading executives and students from the world’s top business schools, to discuss solutions to world business issues.

With Jay Yoo’s influence, this year’s conference focused on business for good and engaged students and high-ranking professionals in creative discussions about how to have a positive impact on society.

Tell us about your experience organizing the 2017 Graduate Business Conference at CUHK.

I believe that if people can discuss CSR and business sustainability in a global sense, it can be impactful for MBA students.

The conference was a place to share ideas and exchange best practices in order to create a forum of mutual inspiration. Interactive networking and brainstorming activities at the conference helped students get to know fellow attendees and their school’s strengths through sharing.

There were also a series of interactive meetings between the student leaders where best practices and new innovative ideas were shared along with solutions to issues suggested by the student leaders. Each of these workshops focused on a different topic and attendees were asked to develop specific issues within the topic and break into smaller groups to discuss solutions.

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?

In 2012, I was in charge of conducting a hospital construction official development assistance project in Vietnam. I saw that most companies, despite their competitive advantages on price and quality, were struggling to enter the global market since they were unable to satisfy all the documentary and procedural requirements.

So, I set myself a long-term goal of establishing a consulting firm for small and medium-sized medical device companies, which are competitive but lack effective global market expansion strategies. I want to provide consulting services on exploring and entering the global market. For me, an MBA was an important step towards achieving this.

Why did you choose CUHK?

I’m especially interested in events such as the corporate social responsibility conference. Development projects are relevant to CSR and business sustainability and I believed access to these would be great chance to get exposure to these environments and clarify my career goals.

What’s more, I believe that the strength of China’s market on a global scale will be increasing. So, for me, Hong Kong and CUHK was the best option to explore China and the international atmosphere.

What are your plans for the future?

After graduating from the CUHK MBA, I plan to join a global medical device company which is taking part in development work.

Based on this experience, I will refine the structure of my consulting service business plan and be better able to help small and medium-sized medical device companies enter the development market.

I am close to the end of my MBA journey and I strongly believe that my MBA experience helps me to be prepared. I am confident to face new challenges not only in future work, but also in my personal life.

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