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Haas Students React To Campus Shooting

After a student was shot dead at the Haas business school, Berkeley students were confused about what had happened

By  Harriet Murdoch

Thu Nov 17 2011

Here at BusinessBecause we were shocked by the news of a shooting at Haas School on Tuesday. After initial confusion over the incident and whether it was connected to the OccupyCal movement it soon became clear that this incident was unrelated.

The gunman, who has now died in hospital, was shot after he brandished a gun in a computer lab on the university campus.

The Dean of Haas School, UC Berkeley Richard Lyon wrote yesterday: “We are extremely saddened by yesterday’s events at the Haas School, which as you know involved the shooting by police of a man carrying a gun in one of our buildings. When something terrible happens, something impossible to understand, communities grieve as individuals and they grieve together. This is what we are experiencing as a community now, and it will likely continue for some time.”