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Honest Profit: Corporate Daydream Or Imperative For MBAs?

For one Henley MBA student, honest profit may be an imperative, rather than a corporate daydream. Abhishek Mandal won the school's annual Henley Challenge event.

Mon Mar 24 2014

Honest Profit is a core Henley Business School value. The scandals that engulfed Enron, Primark and the News of the World in recent years, to name but a few big-name companies, highlight a potential crisis of ethics in business.

But for one full-time Henley MBA student, honest profit may be an imperative, rather than a corporate daydream.

Abhishek Mandal, who worked at Bell, Canada’s largest communications company, before beginning the MBA, took home the Henley Challenge winners’ medal.

His triumph in the annual competition, which encourages the use of knowledge, skill and creativity, saw him see off competition from five finalists, whom were chosen by a panel of staff and academic judges.

Following strong presentations from each entrant in front of the live audience of enthusiastic supporters, who then voted for their favourite team, Abhishek was announced as the competition winner and presented with a cheque for £1,250 to share with his chosen charity.

“I’m really happy about winning the event and the support that I got; it was a great learning process,” said Abhishek after winning the competition. “When I entered the competition, I just wanted to give a good show and I wasn’t thinking about winning. I’m really proud to be a Henley Business School student.”

He added that he was giving his prize to the the Vatsalya Foundation, based in Mumbai, India, which is doing a wonderful job in lifting street children from discrimination and abject poverty.

“Street Children is a phenomenon which is multi-dimensional and not a matter of only charity,” said Abhishek. “I believe Vatsalya understand this well, through their more than 30 years of existence and scientifically structured programs.”

The Henley Challenge is a competition open to all students from Henley Business School who are studying in the UK, and encourages the use of knowledge, skill and creativity.

Professor Ginny Gibson, Deputy Dean of the school and Chair of the judging panel, praised all the students involved. “The quality of presentations was stunning, and it makes me immensely proud of the business school to see the passion and intellectual curiosity of our students,” said Prof Ginny.

The school believes that success in business is about more than just profit, and aims to empower individuals to become responsible professionals by employing business practices and thinking which creates value for societies as well as shareholders.

The other four finalist teams were: Aditya Sen, Alexandra Voskoboynikova, Chakkaphat Krongsomboon & Elvin Jamalli, MSc Entrepreneurship & Management students; Fabian Vaughan, Yujie Zhu, Bianca Eugenia Gavrila, Lara Sigrist & Ogochukwu Ibhade, whom are from a range of MSc programs; Huaxin Shen & Junda Zeng, BSc Finance & Investment Banking and MSc Real Estate Finance students respectively; and Ronald Bonsen, George Santa-Olalla, Helena Powers & Dharaa Patel, whom are MSc Marketing & International Management students.