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MBAs Still The Degree Of Choice For Top Undergrads

WikiJob poll shows MBAs beating CFAs and ACAs as degree of choice, despite half the respondents of last poll saying they are

By  Chris Muktar

Tue Apr 12 2011

A recent poll on found that 39% of students and graduates preferred to gain an MBA over an ACA or CFA. The results were close however, with 35% saying they would prefer an ACA and 26% a CFA.

Certainly, graduates are divided over the usefulness of an MBA, however a large number may feel it is still a golden ticket into employment. With so many universities and business schools offering MBAs, the quality of the establishment is obviously a factor.

Another factor is that an MBA course is one year, whereas ACA and CFA are three or four years, and require substantially more commitment.

Whatever the reason, one thing is clear. MBAs are more popular amongst graduates than ever.