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What Is ChatGPT? And Can It Write My MBA Admissions Essay?

Could the development of ChatGPT, a new artificial intelligence platform, impact the MBA admissions process?

By  Priya Khaira

Tue Jan 31 2023

You’ve probably heard of Siri or Alexa but what about ChatGPT? This popular chatbot is designed to mimic human interaction and generate conversations. But could it help you ace your MBA admissions essay and land a spot in business school? 

BusinessBecause asked business schools how a reliance on AI, such as ChatGPT, could change how business school students study and whether it could revolutionize the MBA admissions process. 

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a virtual chatbot created by OpenAI that specializes in language. The platform has rapidly surged in popularity at the start of 2023, having launched in November 2022. OpenAI even landed a multibillion-dollar investment with Microsoft in January 2023. 

The language tool has been developed using a learning model that makes it capable of producing human-like text. ChatGPT understands the human voice and interacts with its users in a natural, conversational way, giving answers to questions posed. It has been designed to remember conversations and engage in intellectual debates with the human user.  

What can ChatGPT do? 

This sophisticated AI platform can be used to translate texts, create summaries of long documents, and analyze complex information. 

In theory, ChatGPT can write detailed answers to posed questions, write in styles that you direct, formulate social media posts, and even help write essays including business school applications. 

What does this mean for business schools and MBA programs?

Developments in AI, such as ChatGPT, show the growing relevance of machine learning in the academic world. 

Peter Zemsky, dean of innovation at INSEAD, says that ChatGPT is a great example of the growing power of machine learning applications which, he predicts, will change the shape of education, including the business school curriculum. 

He caveats this by saying that technology of this kind will also likely raise plagiarism related concerns: “ChatGPT will hit academics close to home as they need to question student assessment based on take-home written assignments,” he says. 

How does this impact business school applicants? 

Even though it may be tempting to use ChatGPT to help you get started with your business school admission essay, plagiarism or relying on AI to draft an essay—or any future business school assignments­—could severely jeopardize your business school experience. 

“We take the authenticity of applications very seriously. We have reference checks and we verify transcripts and degrees,” says Emily Brierley, head of MBA recruitment and admissions at Cambridge Judge Business School. 

“ChatGPT and other AI platforms represent new tools that now also need to be monitored,” she adds. 

While ChatGPT is gaining prominence for its sophisticated model of language and learning—its ability to provide nuanced answers to complex problems is still yet to be proven. Yet, it cannot be denied that the AI tool represents a threat to certain areas of work that has until now required human intelligence.

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