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Top European Business Schools Partner With Microsoft On New Sustainability Competition For Students

Three top European business schools have partnered with Microsoft Italia to launch a competition inviting students to propose innovative solutions addressing UN sustainability goals

Wed Feb 8 2023

Business school students are invited to pitch innovative, entrepreneurial solutions to key environmental challenges in a new b-school competition launched in partnership with Microsoft Italia. 

POLIMI Graduate School of Management, EDHEC Business School, and ESMT Berlin launched ‘INNOVA Europe’ to find solutions to challenges raised in the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Undergraduate and graduate students from each school can enter the competition. The winners will receive €5000 and support from the academic incubators at each school—PoliHub, EDHEC Entrepreneurs, Vali Berlin. 

“We are creating a new form of international collaboration that prepares students for the challenges of tomorrow. In the process, they not only learn entrepreneurial thinking and develop innovative creativity, but they also gain access to a network from which they can benefit far beyond the competition,” said Baris Efe, manager and co-founder of Vali Berlin at ESMT.

The UN challenges are based on 17 key goals including: promoting sustainable cities and communities, reducing inequality, providing affordable and clean energy, and achieving gender equality. 

“Our economies, societies, and cultures are facing unprecedented challenges, creating both threats and opportunities. Cooperation across countries is fundamental to instigate the rapid change needed, and we believe that fostering responsible entrepreneurship as well as bringing up the contribution of student innovators can be decisive in what the future holds,” said Ludovic Cailluet, associate dean for The Centre for Responsible Entrepreneurship at EDHEC.

The finalists from each school will be chosen on February 10th. 

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