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The New GMAT Exam: Here’s What We Know So Far

The new GMAT Focus Edition will launch in 2023 and is set to feature big changes to the test content, length, and score reporting

Wed Mar 8 2023

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) announced the launch of a new GMAT exam today, featuring a shorter, more flexible format and a reduced test time. 

The ‘GMAT Focus Edition’, scheduled to arrive later this year, will involve less prep content than the current GMAT exam. The streamlined format comprises three 45-minute sections, reducing the test time by one hour. 

Future business school applicants taking the exam during admissions will no longer have to complete an essay, with all questions becoming multiple choice. GMAC says it has adapted the question content to focus only on skills that are relevant in the business school classroom, including data literacy and critical reasoning. 

To provide added flexibility: GMAC has adjusted the test taking process allowing you to change a maximum of three answers in each section—answer changes are not allowed in the current exam. The GMAT Focus Edition will also allow you to bookmark and review questions as you complete the test. 

While the current GMAT offers a choice of three section orders, GMAC has added the ability to select your own section order. 

After finishing the exam and receiving their scores, the GMAT Focus Edition will allow both online and test center exam takers to select target programs and send their reports. 

Updated score reports will also include more detailed insights on your performance, and only one exam score—the current exam breaks down your score by section. Registrants will be able to send scores to five schools for free. 

While there is no official launch date for the GMAT Focus Edition, GMAC has confirmed that the current exam will continue running until early 2024. GMAC says it worked with both business schools and applicants to design the new exam format. 

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