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INSEAD Announces 10-Year Master Plan To Redesign Campus

INSEAD announces a new masterplan to revise its European Campus. The vision is to create a campus which can tackle today's global challenges

Tue Apr 4 2023

INSEAD, a top business school offering one of the world's three highest-ranked MBA programs, has announced a new vision for its European campus as part of a 10-year re-imagination masterplan. 

The European campus, which opened in Fontainebleau in 1967, is esteemed for its carefully pioneered spaces and design. Now the host of other campuses in Asia, the Middle East and North America, INSEAD has announced it will embark on a masterplan involving redesigning 20 of the Fontainebleau buildings. 

The global business school says it strives to curate a space which reflects the school’s mission to strive for good and to meet global challenges. 

The re-imagined design aims to reflect the business school's commitment to business as a force for good, bringing innovative thinking to modern management education, it says. 

That includes facilitating space for group collaboration and informal exchange, as well as the use of digital technologies and encouragement of fresh ideas and debate. 

The masterplan envisions that the new architectural design will emphasize both human experience and connection, the school says. Revised indoor and outdoor spaces will facilitate interaction which, INSEAD believes, will foster innovation and promote diversity and inclusion. 

“Our mission is to bring together amazing people from around the world and to enable them to harness their diversity of cultures and ideas to transform business and society,” says dean Ilian Mihov, who recently announced he will step down later this year. 

 “We need an architectural approach that is a match for the escalating global challenges confronting business leaders—today and tomorrow,” 

Along with INSEAD’s plans to foster an accessible learning environment, the new European campus development aims to also contribute to fighting climate change by being environmentally and financially sustainable. 

The masterplan promotes planetary wellbeing by establishing spaces which will leverage and integrate the Fontainebleau Forest, the school says. 

“We reimagine our physical campus to be a dynamic hub with primary focus on human experience and greater integration with nature,” says Attila Cselotei, chief operating officer. 

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