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Employee Wellbeing Worsening With Leaders Not Doing Enough To Help, Says Deloitte Study

Company leaders need to find ways to improve employee wellbeing and provide more support for managers, according to a new Deloitte report

Fri Jun 23 2023

C-suite executives and organizations are not doing enough to support employee well-being, a report released by Deloitte in collaboration with Workplace Intelligence found. 

The survey showed organizations are seeing the wellbeing of employees decline. As many as 60% of employees, 64% of managers and 75% of C-suite executives said they would consider leaving their company for a role which better supported their mental well-being. 

Eight out of 10 respondents reported work-related stress being the main cause for a decline in their wellbeing. 

The survey identified several measures employees wanted organizations to take in order to improve their wellbeing. It found employers need to hold themselves accountable, develop ways to prioritize people over profit, and increase the amount of support available for managers.

The report there was general agreement that initiatives supporting wellbeing in the workplace should be implemented and better represented to employees. 

Statistics from the survey showed managers need more support from their organizations, with seven out of 10 managers stating that organizational policies and an unsupportive work culture had prevented them from providing support to their teams. 

Almost 80% of C-suite executives said they felt company leaders should step down if they cannot maintain a certain level of workforce well-being across the company, while 72% of C-suite executives think bonuses should be tied to well-being metrics. 

While 85% of the C-suite executives taking part said companies should be required to publicly report their workforce well-being metrics, only around 50% reported doing so. 

Elsewhere, the report found many employees feel companies are not displaying accountability when it comes to their role in advancing human sustainability. Deloitte defines human sustainability as the long-term, collective well-being of individuals, organizations, climate, and society. 

As many as 89% of the C-suite stated their company is advancing human sustainability, while just 41% of employees agree.

"Organizations have much to gain from metrics that can help them better understand and communicate about worker well-being," said Jen Fisher, Deloitte's US chief well-being officer. 

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