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Companies In Central & South Asia Are Hiring More B-School Grads Than Any Other Region

New GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey reveals strong demand for business school talent in Central and South Asia

Wed Jul 19 2023

In 2022, business school graduates were hired at a larger rate in Central and South Asia than any other region, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) 2023 Corporate Recruiters Survey.

The GMAC report analyzed responses from 1,028 corporate recruiters across 34 countries between January and March 2023. It found employers in Central and South Asia hired the largest proportion of grads across several business degree types, including MBA, Master in Management, Master of Finance, and Master of Accounting. 

More than 90% of graduates in the region from each of these degree types landed jobs in 2022, significantly outperforming the global average. 

Master in Management hiring in the region was 12% higher than the global average, while recruitment of accounting, finance, and business analytics masters graduates was 20% higher. As many as 98% of Master in Data Analytics grads in Central and South Asia secured jobs, 24% higher than the global average. 

In total, 92% of Central and South Asian MBA grads were hired in 2022, narrowly larger than global MBA hiring which was at 91%. 

Similarly, an upward trend was seen in hiring of international candidates in Central and South Asia. In 2022, 86% of employers in these regions hired employees from outside the country where the company was based—an increase from 81% in 2021.

These positive trends suggest an increasingly favorable attitude towards b-school grads in Asia. 

The GMAC report also revealed that Asian and Fortune 500 companies hold business school grads in the highest regard when it comes to skills and potential for advancement compared to the other regions surveyed, with grads from prestigious business school programs, such as Harvard Business School, most likely to secure jobs.