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EDHEC Business School Launches Master’s In Data Science & AI

EDHEC Business School is the first top French business school to launch a specialized master's degree in data science and AI

Mon Sep 18 2023

EDHEC Business School has announced the launch of a new Master’s in Data Science and AI, the first of its kind among France’s elite Grandes Ecoles which also includes HEC Paris, ESSEC Business School, and ESCP Business School. 

Over three years, students will learn about the technological transformations affecting the business world and how to apply their skills to a range of career paths. 

“The program is aimed at anyone aspiring to be part of the AI revolution,” says Michelle Sisto, director of AI initiatives at EDHEC. 

The announcement is in line with one of EDHEC’s 2020-2025 strategic goals, which emphasized a heightened focus on “tech, AI, and humanities.” 

Master's in Data Science and AI curriculum  

Across the three-year curriculum, EDHEC's new Master's requires students to learn the language of data programming systems such as SQL and Python, gain real-world experience, and specialize their skills towards a more specific function. 

“This new Master's aims to allow students to become real experts in AI and Data Science and give them the knowledge and experience they need to be confident managers and business leaders,” says Michelle. 

The first year of the program takes the form of a practical skills bootcamp. Students will deep-dive into algorithms and data structures, statistical models, data visualization, and machine learning. They will also gain the chance to take part in the TechMeUp! Certification program created in partnership with Microsoft. 

There is no requirement for students to possess a high level of technical and quantitative skills, but they will need to be passionate about immersing themselves in the practical aspects of the program, EDHEC says. 

“The EDHEC Master's in Data Science and AI is perfect for students with technical and scientific interests but also for those who gravitate toward marketing, finance, strategy, or even the humanities. I believe it will appeal to a wide range of students, which is exciting because it means they will have a multi-disciplinary view of technology and its many uses in business and society,” says Michelle. 

The second year of the program is a year-long internship. Students will little or no work experience will put their skills to the test and have the chance to see first-hand how technological developments and AI are posing challenges for businesses. 

It’s also an opportunity to explore career options ahead of the final year of the program, during which students will navigate towards a more specific path with options to specialize in Financial Engineering, Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, or Marketing Analytics. 

Why is now a good time to study a master’s in data science and AI? 

EDHEC’s Master's in Data Science and AI is an expansion of a second-year master’s degree specialization that was increasing in popularity. 

“Artificial intelligence and data science are profoundly changing the world of business. We felt like the time was right to give students the option to dive even deeper,” says Tristan-Pierre Maury, associate dean of graduate studies at EDHEC. 

Growing use of data paired with technological advancements is having an impact across all industries, meaning these skills are becoming essential for future-proofing a career in business. According to a GMAC report, over half of global employers say data analysis and interpretation are among the most valuable skills in new hires. 

Tech skills are also highly sought after by employers in consulting, technology, and finance—some of the most popular industries for business school grads. Those in consulting say they value skills such as programming, cloud-based technology, and data visualization whereas tech employers desire competence in AI and machine learning. 

“We know that AI and technology are evolving fast, so we expect this Master's to evolve quickly. We believe this makes it unique because it will not remain static but change with the times. The goal is to provide students with knowledge and skills that align with the demands of business and society. This agility in business education is part of EDHEC’s DNA,” says Michella Sisto. 

The EDHEC Master's in Data Science and AI will officially launch at the beginning of the 2024 academic year but will be open to select pre-master’s students from September 2023.

Alongside announcing the new program the school also revealed various other initiatives including a hybrid master’s degree aimed at training students in IT engineering and business management and an increased focus on sustainability and responsible leadership within the MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation degree.