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Imperial College Business School Launches MSc in Global Health Management

In the fast-changing world of global healthcare, Imperial College Business School's new master’s degree aims to prepare a new generation of healthcare leaders

Wed Nov 15 2023

London’s Imperial College Business School has announced the launch of a new Master in Global Health Management that will welcome its first cohort in September 2024. 

To address the challenges of a world recovering from a global pandemic—and to prepare for leaders for future uncertainty and challenges—Imperial has redesigned its previous MSc in International Health Management program. 

“The program encompasses training for the next generation of professionals to address these global health challenges, with a broader focus on managing and preventing health issues that affect populations globally,” says Professor Marisa Miraldo, program director. 

What can you expect from the curriculum? 

The new one-year MSc in Global Health Management has a broad focus on global health challenges, leadership, sustainability, policy making, and the impact of technology and data. 

Core modules cover a range of interesting topics such as Behavioral Science in Health which discusses how financial and physical incentives influence approaches to blood donation, cigarette consumption, and medication adherence, among other situations. 

Other courses such as Health Systems, Policy, and Financing and Health Economics aim to give future healthcare leaders an insight into the global health system and microeconomic theories in the healthcare sector. 

Students who enroll in the program will also learn fundamental leadership skills in the year-long LEADS (Leadership, Ethics, Diversity, and Societal Impact) module. 

While most classes are scheduled within the normal working week, students will also attend one evening class per week. 

They will get the chance to choose one of three new concentrations in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Management, or Economics & Data Science plus four elective modules to specialize their degree towards their specific career goals. 

The specialisms aim to prepare leaders to develop innovative solutions to face challenges such as shortages in medical care or the impact of new technologies. 

As well as the robust theory included within the program, students will also apply their skills via the Global Health Immersion where they will travel to a country to deep dive into its healthcare management practices, challenges, and cultures. 

The program also includes the opportunity to take part in a work placement or an intensive project focused on either healthcare consulting, enterprises and startups, or economics and data science. 

“This revamped degree programme provides a more comprehensive learning experience, offering an extended exploration of global health challenges, leadership dynamics, sustainability considerations, and the intricate factors influencing health beyond conventional healthcare measures,” says Aram Karakashian, executive director of marketing, recruitment, and admissions at Imperial Business School.

Tuition fees for the program cost around $46,000. There are multiple scholarships available for students from different backgrounds. If students hope to receive a scholarship for 2024, the upcoming deadlines to apply for the program are: 

Round 2: 19 January 

Round 3: 29 March