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Government Reduces UK Dependent Visa Salary Threshold Amid Backlash

Less than a month after announcing a new salary threshold for foreign professionals seeking to bring dependents into the country, the UK government has backtracked on its plans

Fri Dec 22 2023

The UK Home Office today announced it would reduce the planned salary threshold for foreign professionals seeking to bring dependents to the UK under a skilled worker visa. 

The skilled worker visa is a desirable route for international professionals looking to work in the UK. It’s popular among business school grads whose degrees ensure they can qualify for the scheme. 

Those skilled workers who earn above a minimum amount can bring their dependents into the UK under a family-related visa. 

Earlier this month, the Home Office announced plans to increase the salary threshold from the current level of £18,600 ($23k) to £38,700 ($50k). However, following a backlash the government has opted to reduce the threshold after accusations it would split up families.

As of next spring—when the scheme was initially slated to launch—the threshold will be set at £29,000 ($36k), though the Home Office has indicated that further increases can be expected in future. 

Dates for further increases are unclear, though Home Office minister Lord Sharpe of Epsom confirmed the current plan is for the threshold to increase to £34,500 ($43k) and then £38,700 ($49k) over two stages. 

The changes will ensure that business school graduates seeking to make the most of opportunities within the UK’s various business sectors will now have to earn around $15k less if they plan to bring family members to the country. 

Between January and September 2023, the Home Office issued a total of 82,395 family-related visas, with more than 75% going to partners. 

Plans to increase the threshold come amid pressure on the UK government to reduce migration into the country after it was revealed that the number of people migrating into the UK rose by 745,000 in 2022.