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AI At Work: Deloitte Launches Chatbot Aiming To Boost Employee Productivity

Big Four accounting and professional services firm Deloitte is launching an AI chatbot to help staff improve their productivity

Wed Jan 10 2024

Prestigious accounting and professional services firm Deloitte is taking a new step in incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) within the workplace. The top employer of business school grads is rolling out a chatbot that will provide assistance for around 75,000 staff. 

Titled ‘PairD’, the AI tool—which was designed by the company’s in-house experts—will be available to staff to assist with creating presentations, undertaking research, writing code, and drafting emails and other written content. 

Bidding to boost productivity, reports indicate it will initially be available to Deloitte staff in Europe and the Middle East. 

Ranked among the most desirable employers by business school students, with a reputation for demanding, high stakes work, Deloitte has tempered the announcement with a warning to staff of the risks associated with generative AI. 

The firm has emphasized the risk of inaccurate information and told staff to take their own measures to ensure results are accurate and complete before incorporating them within their own work. All staff will also have to undertake training before using the tool. 

The move comes amid pressure for Deloitte. Along with other professional services firms, the company has made moves to cut costs in recent months including cutting graduate roles and delaying start dates for new hires within its consulting division. 

The launch of PairD comes as firms across a variety of industries aim to incorporate AI into the workplace and reap the benefits the potentially revolutionary technology could bring. 

Experts predict AI will have a profound impact across areas ranging from workplace productivity to recruitment practices in 2024.