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Tomorrow University Expands Impact MBA Program With Five New Sustainability-Focused Courses

Learn about the five new sustainability specializations you can take during an MBA at this cutting-edge edtech university based in Europe

Tue Jan 16 2024

Following the success of its Impact MBA in Sustainability, Innovation & Leadership, Tomorrow University is launching five new specialized programs for its flagship Impact MBA degree, dedicated to addressing environmental and social issues. 

Offered via a 100% online format, Tomorrow University’s Impact MBA is designed to meet a diverse and innovative set of needs for future leaders. 

The edtech university’s new programs are built with the aim to inspire a new generation of business leaders into diverse sectors, such as ESG management, climate leadership, green technology, organizational psychology, and green marketing.

The sustainability sector can create a wealth of opportunities for businesses. For example, it's estimated that the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals could unlock $12 trillion in yearly opportunities and create 380 million jobs. 

Despite these opportunities there is a need to enhance the skills of business leaders in sustainability.

Tomorrow University positions itself as the first European startup to launch an institution that educates future generations to create solutions for a more sustainable society.

Here's a breakdown of what's in store with the new specializations.  

ESG Management

ESG Management gives students an understanding of how to integrate sustainability into an organization and how to align it with an organization's business objectives and values. 

The specialization focuses on climate accounting and reporting, change management, and sustainability management. This is designed to give participants a strategic approach to turn sustainability into an opportunity for resilience and success.

Climate Leadership

This specialization offers participants an in-depth understanding of climate science and science-based sustainable practices.

Climate Leadership looks to support professionals to advocate for sustainability initiatives and lead sustainable change in NGOs, public services, and consultancies. 

Participants will develop practical skills in policy analysis, stakeholder management, and advocacy skills needed to effectively translate policy to practice.

Green Energy, Tech & AI

Created for those looking to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to drive green energy solutions, this track is ideal for professionals interested in tech, business development, and operations. 

It equips learners to future-proof businesses against evolving regulations and consumer expectations through implementing AI and sustainable technologies.

New Work & Organizational Psychology

New Work and Organizational Psychology has the modern workforce in mind. This specialization helps students tackle the challenges of leading remote and diverse teams, embrace inclusive leadership, and foster a culture of wellbeing in virtual work environments.

It prepares those in business operations, HR professionals, and community leaders to create psychologically healthy and effective work environments, through diversity and inclusion, mental health and wellbeing, and sustainable leadership. 

Green Marketing & Innovation

Designed for business and marketing professionals, this program teaches the integration of innovation, marketing, and sustainability, and helps participants lead the shift towards green marketing and drive impactful innovations

This would be a strong choice for a specialization if you’re looking to transform your marketing approach, drive market-driven innovations, and influence consumer behavior towards more eco-friendly practices.