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Business School Breaks Guinness World Record For Diversity In The Classroom

The highly diverse student body at Hult International Business School has made the school a proud holder of a Guinness World Record title

Fri Mar 15 2024

Representatives from 60 different countries joined together in a recent class at Hult International Business School’s London campus to break a Guinness World Record. 

The title for ‘Most Nationalities in a Business Lesson’ required individuals from more than 50 nationalities to take part in a 45-minute class together. 

Hult—a highly international business school with campuses across locations including London, Dubai, and New York—brought together 90 students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels from nations ranging from Uzbekistan, to Canada, Georgia, Mauritius, and Nigeria. 

Where did students come from? 

Led by Professor Chris Kingsville-Heyne, an expert in leadership and strategy, ‘The Crisis for Leaders’ class focused on teaching students elements of crisis management, mitigation, and response. 

It was overseen by an independent time tracker who ensured the record-breaking endeavour was legitimate. Students were also required to bring their passports to class to prove their nationalities. The achievement was ratified by a Guinness World Records representative. 

Students from the Hult Master in International Business were among those present in the class. Melanie Buritica, a class of 2024 student, said: “When someone asks me about a fun fact, I can now say I was part of a world record attempt! I don’t think everyone has that honor. It’s definitely going on my CV.” 

Tomaz Nicolai Diaz, also a class of 2024 international business student, added: “I feel like this was very representative of what’s normal at Hult. In my class alone, we’re represented by at least thirty different nations—and we only have a total of 60 people in our cohort.

“Whenever you’re surrounded by so many different perspectives, you’re forced to come closer and not focus so much on differences, but similarities.”

Hult ranks among the world’s most diverse business schools. The current MBA class boasts 98% international students, according to the 2024 Financial Times MBA Ranking, placing it among the top 15 in the world when it comes to the proportion of international students in the classroom.