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This Business School Is Teaching An MBA In Happiness

Find out what you can learn in an Online MBA in Organizational Happiness, created by Lisbon Business School and Happiness Business School

Wed Mar 20 2024

Forget data and finance: is happiness is the latest thing we should be learning at b-school? 

Created in a partnership between Happiness Business School and Lisbon Business and Government School, the MBA in Organizational Happiness plans to teach students what organizational happiness is, its impact on employees, in the business, and in the community.

The five-month online course is taught in both Portuguese and English, and includes modules such as the Neuroscience of Happiness, Positive Communication, and Mental Health in Organizations.  

By putting happiness theory into practice, the program aims to provide students with the toolkit needed to implement organizational happiness plans in the workplace. 

But what exactly is organizational happiness? According to Lars Kure Juul—the author of Organizational Happiness: The Happiness Sweet Spot & Your Motivational Landscape—the term refers to the idea that by putting structures in place to increase employee happiness, it also leads to increased work output. 

It’s a concept that is supported by research from Oxford University, which has found a causal link between happy workers and a 13% increase in productivity. 

The course founder, Madalena Carey, who set up the Happiness Business School in 2018, believes that corporate happiness is becoming more of a priority.

Speaking to the Financial Times, she said, “Our grandparents worked tirelessly to guarantee survival. Our parents worked tirelessly to maintain their living standards. Today’s generations have more opportunities, so they’re looking for things like quality of life, purpose and meaning.”

Convinced you need to apply? The English version of the program begins on the 6th of April and costs just €2,500 to sign up.program