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Monash MBA Committee is Up and Running

MBAs prove that life at b-school is not all work


Tue May 11 2010

MBA students from Monash Graduate School of Business let off some steam recently to play in a footie tournament.

The tournament was organised by the recently formed MBA committee, headed by Joseph Antony from Chicago, who wanted to give fellow classmates a break from their studies and a chance to socialise with the 90 plus MBA cohort.

At the tournament was Luis Limon an MBA from the class of 2011, who favoured Monash over b-schools in the US and Europe because of its diverse student cohort.

“We were approximately 20 people [and divided into] 3 teams comprised of 5 or 6 people each [all from the MBA cohort],” says Limon a native of Mexico City.

“We exchanged matches as team A versus team B etc. Teams were made up randomly we didn’t make the teams up according to skills, levels or anything like that.

“Everybody seemed to show co-operation and were happy to see someone have the initiative to bring up the event... It was really fun.”

With so many guys packed into Monash’s indoor gym there was a need for some oestrogen to counterbalance the testosterone. However Limon and his friends suffered a minor setback.

“We actually noticed that none of the girls showed up. I’m not sure if the girls are interested in Soccer or not?..” wonders Limon.

Nevertheless, the games were seen as a success and the committee hopes to organise a Basketball game and other football matches in the future.

“We’re [in the process of] building this association. We are a group of students whose main objectives are pursuing sponsors by companies and support by organisations, and we’re trying to get part-time and full-time students together,” says Limon.

The committee of 15 board members was set up over a period of three months starting from December. The committee already has the support of the MBA program director and the university’s board members.

As the committee progresses, it hopes to diversify its extra-curricular activities.

“We’re thinking of other events, on the first Friday of each month we’re holding an MBA drinking social,” says Limon.

The next drinking social will take place on the roof top of the swanky Emerald Peacock.