3 Idiots - A Story about Engineers shot in Business School

Did you know that the hugely successful movie 3 Idiots was actually shot at IIM-Bangalore

India is perhaps the only country in the world where parents decide the career of their children a few moments after birth.

This has famously been captured in the classic Bollywood movie 3-Idiots where the character of Farhan Qureshi played by R.Madhavan says "I was born at 5:15 am and at 5:16 am my father said: My son will be an engineer ".

The film which stars Aamir Khan (one of the most intellgent and biggest bollywood superstars) is an excellent depiction of what engineering education is like in India and how parents force their kids to pursue careers that are only meant to create a good standing in society for...

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Clark Kent

Tuesday 25th January 2011, 19.20 (Europe/Paris)

That's a cool article and a great video about the making of the movie.

Education services Eduall

Tuesday 14th October 2014, 14.43 (Europe/Paris)

I love that story... and it tell how to take our studies very easy...

Aryan Anshu

Sunday 4th March 2018, 17.44 (Europe/Paris)

I love it. I have no words to explain .

Prabir Bohidar

Sunday 13th May 2018, 18.45 (Europe/Paris)

I love the pictures very much. Actually we have to rethink about our education system

jatin dhakad

Saturday 15th September 2018, 08.10 (Europe/Paris)

I really really love it. I have no words to explain about the story.........

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