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Webinar | How To Launch A Career With Impact At Business School

A career in business isn't just about profit, it's also about learning how to make a positive impact on the world. Find out more


Wed Nov 1 2023

Thinking about a career in business or management but unsure whether it fits with your values? Why not choose an MBA that has a focus on developing ethical leadership.

BusinessBecause spoke with alumni, faculty and the admissions lead at SOIL (School of Inspired Leadership) Institute of Management in India to hear about the hard and soft skills that students develop during their time at the business school.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

→ Find out about the different programs that SOIL offers and the experience required for each
→ Hear about the experiential immersions and social innovation program that SOIL offers
→ Learn about the next steps for graduates of SOIL programs and how they bring their learning into their careers and lives
→ Find out some application tips from the head of admissions

Watch: How To Launch A Career With Impact At Business School

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