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Webinar | The Impact Of AI And What It Means For The Future Of Business

Wondering how to get ahead in the artificial intelligence revolution? Find out more about the impact of AI on business and how you can elevate your knowledge and skills


Thu May 9 2024

Want to up your artificial intelligence (AI) knowledge and understand how to get ahead in the AI revolution? In this BusinessBecause Presents masterclass, led by José Parra Moyano, professor of digital strategy at IMD, we dive into the the impact of AI on business today.  

The masterclass reveals why AI is an essential area for ambitious professionals to develop their knowledge and skills. It also examines some of the key use cases of generative AI today across a range of industries. 

Also joining the panel is Marcella Rispo, recruitment and admissions manager, to share her insights on how business school can elevate your career, as well as tips on how to land a place on a top MBA program. 

Key takeaways from this webinar: 

⇨ Learn about the various ways AI is being implemented within the business landscape 

⇨ Understand how you can elevate your AI knowledge and skills to get ahead in the modern workplace 

⇨ Gain key knowledge about how business school can help prepare you for success in your career