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SDA Bocconi MBAs Tour Top Luxury Brands During Paris Trip

SDA Bocconi Luxury Management MBAs made sure to fit in exclusive tours of Berluti and Cartier during their trip to Paris!

Listening to the speech of Yves Saint Laurent CEO, visiting the Berluti bespoke workshops, touring the Cartier high jewellry atelier. These are just a few things that the Luxury Arts Club of SDA Bocconi experienced during their trip to Paris in April.
Ten Luxury Business Management MBA students and four Master’s of Fashion, Experience and Design students from SDA Bocconi went on this excursion in order to be “immersed in the world of luxury,” said MBA student and club president Amanda Thompson.
Thompson previously worked as a senior executive in Australia at Harper's BAZAAR, where she discovered her passion for the industry.
“I have a personal appreciation for what luxury means,” Thompson said. “Luxury business is highly competitive and the requirement for brands to have a seamless and differentiated brand image in all aspects of their communication touch points is extremely important.”
Thompson and other students in the club got up close and personal with leaders in the luxury business during their exclusive visits to Berluti bespoke workshops and Cartier high jewellry atelier, “experiences usually reserved strictly for top VIP clients,” Thompson said.
Also while in Paris, the SDA Bocconi students met with members of the Bocconi Alumni Association in Paris in addition to students from the HEC Paris Luxury Club. The SDA Bocconi and HEC Paris students talked about shared experiences over drinks and about ideas for social media initiatives and conferences: “We also discussed some great ways the two clubs could collaborate,” Thompson said “We are already in discussions about a joined case study competition.”
The trip to Paris was completely organized by students leveraging their own contacts, as the Luxury Arts Club has been a student-led organization since SDA Bocconi students Guillaume Cousin and Olivier Gillet founded the club and took the first club trip to Paris in 2012.
From the “million dollar diamonds to exotic leathers to gorgeous hotels,” this year’s student trip “was a great reminder for exactly why we want to work in luxury business,” Thompson said. 
Certainly, private tours of boutiques and exclusive discussions with top industry experts served as further motivation for the SDA Bocconi MBAs. Thompson said: “I am very excited to follow the careers of my peers who are all such intelligent and passionate people who no doubt will one day be leading this industry!”



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