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This MIP MBA Started His Own Luxury Fashion App – He’s Exploring Big Data, Robotics And AI

Emidio Cesetti plans to bring his virtual style assistant to life

Thu Aug 18 2016

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality; these are the buzzwords in 21st century tech. And, merging high-tech with high fashion, Emidio Cesetti plans to bring his app – dubbed a virtual men’s style assistant – to life.

The Italian trend-setter started Apple iOS fashion app Emiut after an MBA at MIP Politecnico di Milano. Free to download, Emiut suggests outfits and offers simple, illustrated lessons in the best of Italian style.

Now, Emidio is looking to take things to the next level; developing a data-crunching e-commerce platform which will offer highly-personalized outfits and styles to its users. In the future, he aims to develop a prototype for a robotic style assistant in the home.

Emidio currently works as a digital marketing specialist for a luxury fashion e-store in London. Also a published fashion writer, his entrepreneurial journey has only been made possible by the advanced business skills he picked up during his MBA.

How did the idea to start Emiut come about?

Fashion has always been a passion for me. And Emiut was born as a natural next step following the book I wrote – l’Eleganza non ha tempo – a manual for male style and elegance.

I received several positive reviews by different journalists and men’s fashion magazines in Italy, and the readers were appreciative of how simple the images were to follow and understand.

When I arrived in London, I decided to create a user-friendly version of the book as an iOS application, and Emiut was born.

What is the future plan for the business?

We are currently testing a new section called ‘inspiration’ that will act as a personalized e-commerce platform in the near future. Users will be able to build their wardrobe based on tailored shopping suggestions to match their dressing style, budget, size and favorite brands.

My long-terms vision for Emiut is for a virtual robot to be present in the household. The app will help users on the go, while the robot will help our members make simple and effective decisions on style, moving alongside them in the household.

Today, bots are becoming more present in our day-to-day life. I hope that my dream of helping men manage their style through a virtual assistant will be the norm, even for those not particularly interested in fashion.

What challenges do you face?

The first challenge is to build strong partnerships with top fashion brands in order to grow the e-commerce area and improve customer experience with enhanced software and a personalized search engine.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to start their own app?

A good app means customer data. Today, we face a market filled with free-to-download apps, and a growing budget is required to build and maintain the user database.

You should therefore ask yourself five key questions when trying to create your app: How will I acquire my users? How will I generate customer engagement and advocacy? How will I improve the customer journey and conversion rates? How will I prevent customer attrition? And, last but not least, how will I generate revenue and grow average customer value?

How is digitization changing marketing in the fashion industry today?

Omnichannel and Big Data are the buzzwords in the market nowadays; they impact every strategy and they put the customer at the heart of what retailers do.

Today, retailers must be prepared to meet consumer needs at every stage of their shopping process: online and offline, from consideration to purchase. On mobiles, tablets and pc’s, shoppers want to be recognized when they enter a site; they want personalized offers.

The use of online data tools allow companies to better understand customer behavior, to segment and profile their shoppers, and to personalize offers, advertising and communication. Every business decision aiming to generate a return on investment, needs to be fueled by customer insights.

Why did you decide to study for an MBA at MIP?

Having graduated from a business university, I decided to study for an MBA at MIP in order to incorporate an engineering approach.

MIP has an excellent reputation and ranking internationally. And the modules are delivered by professors who formed their experience in multinational companies.

How have you profited from your MBA experience?

The MBA has helped enhance my analytical and technical skills in all the areas of business.

My personal projects are driven my natural passion for business. The knowledge acquired at MIP and the MBA help you in structuring and managing that passion in the best possible way.