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Here’s How This Brazilian MBA Landed A Marketing Internship At Microsoft

MIP Politecnico di Milano’s close links with Microsoft helped Bruno Berto secure his dream internship

Bruno Berto quit his job and relocated thousands of miles from Brazil to Italy for his MBA. It’s been worth it.

For three months this summer, during a full-time MBA at MIP Politecnico di Milano, he interned at Microsoft, getting to grips with cutting-edge marketing in the tech giant’s mobile division. Now, he wants to pursue a career in marketing; his attention on consumer goods companies in Europe.

Bruno previously spent seven years as a project manager for a multicultural communication consulting firm in Sao Paolo. A Brazilian with Italian roots, he wanted more global experience and returned to his ancestral home to kick-start his career with an MBA.

At MIP, he’s gained global business knowledge, a new way of thinking and a vast network, profiting from the same school connections which led to his internship at Microsoft.

How did the internship at Microsoft come about?

I was selected to be a marketing intern at Microsoft as part of the MBA curriculum at MIP. Microsoft is a partner of MIP and the selection process was held through the school’s careers service.

It was a good and challenging opportunity to put into practice all the knowledge acquired during the past 12 months on the MBA program. As a member of the marketing team, I worked directly with the marketing and retail manager, learning a lot about trade marketing, as well participating in the routine marketing activities of such an innovative company. To me, it was a huge achievement!

Can you tell us something about working at Microsoft that most people wouldn't know?

Microsoft has a diversified revenue due to the great assortment of products and solutions it offers. Even if you’re working in a consumer division, you will always be in contact with people from different backgrounds and areas. That variety also helps employees change from one area to another which is very positive for career growth.

How else have you profited from your MBA experience at MIP?

I developed an entrepreneurial mindset and a thinking process to solve problems. My knowledge of business models and companies is more complete and accurate. And being among colleagues from all over the world helps you create a great network as well as develop your soft skills.

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA at MIP?

I’d always wanted to study abroad. I was looking for a university with a strong technical background in which I could develop a solid structured thinking, and that’s why MIP caught my attention. Besides that, being in Italy gave me a great opportunity to reconnect with my Italian family background, develop my Italian and live the culture I’ve learned from my past generations.

What should applicants think about when deciding to do an MBA?

Research the course curricula, talk to alumni and check the school’s partners. Each school will have different strengths in different areas, so try to find one that will match your expectations in terms of methodology, focus of the courses and background.

In the beginning it’s hard to think about giving up your job to become a full-time student. But it’s worth the effort.

What are your plans for the future?

My main goal is to start an international career outside Brazil and change my path, focusing on marketing. With my previous experience and my recent studies at MIP, I believe I have the skills and qualities to search for a new professional challenge.


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