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5 Amazing Experiences On The HKUST-NYU Stern Master’s In Global Finance

Designed for experienced professionals with a global mindset, the HKUST-NYU Stern Master's in Global Finance could be your ticket to adventure and accelerated career growth


Fri Oct 16 2020


If you're looking to take your finance career to the next level, a course that provides expert instruction, with chance to travel, and build a strong global network, could just be the perfect fit.

The HKUST-NYU Stern Master of Science in Global Finance (MSGF) is a joint collaboration between HKUST Business School and NYU Stern, with teaching split across New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai. 

On this course, you'll not only be living in three cultural centers of the world, but in three buzzing financial hubs: both Hong Kong and New York are amongst the top ten cities in the world for finance jobs.

If you aren’t already sold, here are five amazing experiences you can only get by studying the HKUST-NYU Stern MSGF. 

1.  Earn a prestigious degree from two top schools


NYU & HKUST campus © HKUST & NYU Stern via Facebook

HKUST and NYU Stern both consistently rank in the FT’s top 25 business schools in the world.

HKUST is ranked the top school in Asia for a Master's in finance according to QS, while NYU Stern is known as a highly exclusive business school, within the US top ten .

The MSGF is a joint degree between the schools, meaning after you graduate, you’ll have two globally renowned institutions on your CV.  052f308467dfebc66f30340068cdd12ee7782b04.jpg

© NYU Stern via Facebook

2. Study with an experienced group of peers 270684a84507cc377ac2ff43c6d111eb83575000.png


When deciding on a Master’s, it’s worth looking beyond the faculty members to see what you could learn from fellow students.

While many Master’s in Finance courses are aimed at recent graduates, students on the MSGF have an average of 12 years of work experience in the sector under their belt.

Having this wealth of insight within your peer group is a great way to develop your broader knowledge. 

MSGF students particularly value being able to develop relationships with other executive-level peers, and support each other in their future careers. 

3. Learn from world-class faculty c61ddef85b99385bed4b3bbe1417c10ead195594.jpg

Since the course is split between two top institutions, the MSGF gives you the unique opportunity to learn from two sets of leading faculty.

HKUST boasts an impressive staff, including Abhiroop Mukherjee (pictured above left), Liwei Huang Associate Professor of Finance at HKUST, who recently received the best paper award from the CFA institute for his research exploring how macroeconomic data can guide investment decisions.

MSGF academic director professor Menachem Brenner teaches at NYU-Stern (pictured above right) and co-invented the volatility index (VIX), a popular measure used to predicted expected price fluctuations on the stock market. 

4. Build a truly global network

Many professionals will choose their business school based on location and the chance to tap into another market or region. 

The HKUST-NYU Stern MSGF brings together experienced peers from all over the world, with last year’s cohort representing 19 different nationalities. 

Not only will you meet a truly global set of peers on your course, but you will have access to the alumni networks at two top schools, meaning twice the amount of contacts available to leverage in the future. 

Hong Kong is well known as the gateway between the Asian and Western financial markets, and houses a huge variety of banking, brokerage, trading and wealth management roles. 

Typically, New York is seen as the financial center of the world, and you’ll rarely find a global finance institution without a presence in the city. 

Both destinations are a brilliant place to make contacts for the future and gain valuable insight into the sector.

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5. Work on real-life finance projects

Many students go into a post-experience masters in finance to broaden their expertise in the field, beyond their own specific role. 

Interactive, cased-based teaching on the MSGF at HKUST gives you the chance to apply your knowledge straightaway, by giving you real-life finance projects to solve within a team of classmates. 

Problem-solving projects offer you the chance to put newly learned theory into practice right away. They also provide a great opportunity to gain experience in a different areas of finance, which can help you pivot towards future career goals.

Previous alumni have run projects to predict the rising valuations of Qualcomm and Xilinx stock, and were able to do so with impressive accuracy. Others have delved into alternative investments to the stock market, and have even ran seminars on trading fine wines

However you spend your time during the MSGF, it's sure to be an unforgettable experience.