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How A Bocconi Master’s In Finance Sets You Up For A Top Career

Giulia Bardelli, Kim Salvadori, and Francesca Maria Paolino have all graduated from Bocconi's MSc in Finance, and gone on to work at top financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and Moody’s


Wed Sep 1 2021


Many business school graduates are allured by the prospect of a career in finance. Jobs at Wall Street banks and other financial institutions are fast-paced, demand critical thinking, and draw upon hard and soft skills that you can learn at business school. 

The Master of Science (MSc) in Finance at Bocconi University in Italy aims to prepare students with a grounding in finance, a strong network, and an introduction to potential employers. 

The degree clearly pays off with top jobs, with 97% of students finding employment within three months of graduation, working at the world’s leading financial institutions, from investment banks like Goldman Sachs to ratings agencies like Moody’s. 

We spoke to three Bocconi MSc in Finance graduates who tell us how Bocconi helped them make their first steps into a career in finance.

Exploring different paths in finance

Finance groups together a vast range of jobs, professions, and specializations, from accounting to trading, from fintech to asset management. Often it can be hard to narrow down which area you want to focus on without having a deeper understanding and specialist knowledge of each area of finance.

Giulia Bardelli (pictured below) had a grounding in finance from her bachelor’s in finance from Bocconi. But she wasn’t clear which area she wanted to end up in, and was keen to delve deeper. For her, this was one of the main advantages of choosing a two-year master’s at Bocconi, compared to one-year programs in most other countries. 

“The two year program allowed us to have the opportunity to study a variety of subjects in finance. Finance may seem like a small universe but it's quite big,” Giulia remembers. 


The first year of the program takes students through the core of finance, from financial modelling to analysis and reporting. “The level of knowledge I got to after the masters I would have never got just from a bachelor’s and working. When you study to that level you really bring that with you to work: you can apply the things you’ve learned and the way you’ve learned.”

Touching on the quantitative side of finance, Giulia was drawn towards pursuing a career in investment banking. 

Between her first and second year, Bocconi MSc students have the chance to do a summer internship. Giulia worked at a global investment bank with headquarters in London, which confirmed her interest in investment banking. Six years on, she still works there, as a vice-president in credit sales. 

Hear more about how Kim, Giulia, and Francesca launched their careers

Student Reviews

Bocconi University





Everything was great ( apart from the covid part)

I really enjoyed this experience because I built a really strong relationship with other students and professors. This fact has permitted me to grow as a person and also to improve my academic background by confronting myself with other people. I would encourage Bocconi to create a new method of exams for online courses (I have experienced it during the covid-19 period) because they could not manage to control and to avoid shameless situations such as software breakdowns just before the exams.




On Campus

Amazing course

The workload is really heavy, but that’s the only way to prepare students for the job market. Bocconi offers also many services to help students kick off their careers. Overall, Bocconi University Masters Degree is the best option for ambitious students and the best choice among Italian and maybe European universities.




A great experience

A fundamental experience to understand what I want to do in life. In the three years I attended Bocconi University, I laid the foundations for my business education. I will always be grateful to it. I absolutely recommend it.




Bocconi: Italian Quality

The great thing about this University is that it is one of the few Italian universities offering such international programs. My course is unique and doesn't exist anywhere else, so if you like arts and economics, Bocconi is the best place. The course provides both subjects concerning arts/philosophy, and ones more related to economics. Personally, I have decided to follow a different path because I am not so interested in working in this specific field, but this course is totally worth it if you want to work in a creative industry. Indeed, it gives people with a passion for luxury, arts and so on with a complete knowledge concerning management. The best part has been the great support offered by the University in every aspect, going from on-campus facilities to monthly job fairs to better understand the kind of career we want to pursue. This is often taken for granted in Italian universities.




Professional and amazing

Very well organized university. I have studied Financial management and I graduated with 108/110. The teachers are really good and professional. The university has all the facilities and the services are professional. I really enjoyed studying in a professional and international environment. Bocconi has played an important role in finding my actual job!




Great university which gives wonderful placement opportunities.

I really like Bocconi. What I appreciated the most was the high level of teaching and the opportunities given in terms of placement and networking connections. I strongly recommend this university if you want to pursue a great working career.




Beautiful environment

Beautiful community of students with lots of opportunities for in-campus activities. The university offers 8 residences near the campus, perfect for freshmen at the first year in Milan. Professors are very prepared and always ready to help students




An outstanding university

The great efficiency and organization, the high quality of teaching, and the possibility to take part in many interesting and useful experiences make Bocconi University stand out. It distinguishes itself from the Italian academic background. Many people say Bocconi is too stressful, but to me, it’s worth it.





Bocconi is outstanding university. Among the best in Italy. The international franework helps students to get involved in projects/associations that enrich the campus. I study law and i’ m happy about my 4 years and experiences that i had the opportunity to

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