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I Became A CEO Just One Year After My Master's In Management

Armed with a blend of management theory and real-world experience, Eliomaria Narducci became CEO of an international trade organization just 12 months after his master’s degree


Tue Jul 9 2019


Breaking into the c-suite can be a long and arduous journey, but Eliomaria Narducci seems to have found a shortcut. 

After graduating from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in 2015, he transitioned from project manager to CEO at the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany (ITKAM) in the space of a single year.

His Master in Management (MiM) degree helped lay the foundations for a successful career in international trade.

Why Frankfurt?

Eliomaria had known since his bachelor’s degree that he had managerial ambitions, and a graduate program at business school seemed like the next logical step. 

The MiM program offered at Frankfurt School in Germany stood out because of its ‘three day’ teaching model.

Throughout the program, students spend three days of each week working part-time, while three more are dedicated to on-campus teaching.

“The three day model organized by  Frankfurt School allows the students to gain not only a very good theoretical knowledge in class,” Eliomaria explains, “but also to have a hands-on experience working three days a week the whole time in a company.”

Transferrable Skills

Throughout his degree, Eliomaria spent a portion of each week working with NORMA, a German manufacturer of machine joining components. There, he assisted the regional CFO, monitoring and reporting on the company’s financial activity. 

Even in class, the projects that Eliomaria worked on reflected the real-world work environment.

“Many courses required teamwork. Presentations were done as if the students had to do them for a real firm and these assignments were judged by professors on the contents and our presentation skills,” he says.

“[This] created an environment of knowledge sharing that is difficult to find in other master programs.”

For Eliomaria, maintaining this careful schedule was the biggest challenge posed by the program. “Working and studying at the same time is certainly not easy,” he notes. 

But, by challenging students to manage their time effectively, Eliomaria says the three day model sets students up for success in the real world.

Frankfurt School is ranked among the top 10 in Germany for graduate employability, according to the Times World University Rankings.

For the class of 2018,  90% of Frankfurt MiM students gained new employment within six months of graduation; 35% got new jobs before even graduating. Graduates from the program can expect an average salary of around €56,500 ($64,000).

 “The experience and knowledge that students receive translates immediately after they study the program into a high rate of employability,” Eliomaria says

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Being CEO

Eliomaria got his job at ITKAM after meeting representatives from the Italian community in Germany at an event hosted by the school.

He joined ITKAM as a project manager in 2015, and was soon promoted to head of business planning. After just 12 months with the organization, he was appointed CEO.

What Eliomaria learned during his Master in Management still helps him in his CEO role today. He continues to work and study at the time, pursuing a PhD in management alongside his full-time job.

“As far as my career development, I have a lot to thank  Frankfurt School for,” he reflects.

“I look at the companies and positions that me and my classmates have reached in this short amount of time after graduation, and I could not feel prouder.”

Student Reviews

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management




Modern and global

Frankfurt School provided me with one of the best experiences of my life. I was an Erasmus student for a semester and could learn a lot. I took some mainstream courses like marketing and supply chain management, but also some innovative courses like applied persuasion and event planning. The professors are not only germans but from different parts of the world, mostly with international experience. The student life is great, the FS Bulls are a great community that is definitely worth being a part of. The best part is the campus, newly built with ultra modern architecture located in on the of the best neighbourhoods in Frankfurt am Main. You can find accomodation right next to it, many student residences at a fair price.




Career Oriented

I am a first year at the Frankfurt School and have been a prt of it for only a month; however, I can say for sure that the university provides its students with all the opportunities to grow professionally and personally. The majority of the professors are or have been successful professionals who easily relate the course material with real life and make lectures enjoyable. The extra curricular activities provided by the university are also a great step to life after graduation and give a head start for the students career.




University giving its students education of high quality and career prospects.

This university has helped me gain knowledge and experiences, that I lacked in my home country. Being in a great international surrounding, I have the opportunity to prosper and learn every day. The study program is very engaging, and the lecturers help you grow.





I’m a bachelor student at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and my overall experience was better than I expected. The classes have a small number of students, which makes the relationship with the professor better because they become easier to approach. During my years of study, I had both practical and theoretical classes, like innovation management, big data & analytics, econometrics. But the theories and concepts are directly applied to real-life problems due to many professors working in banks or consultancies, which is really good. FS supports students in finding internships and semesters abroad, but when it comes to housing not so much because it’s not that easy in Frankfurt. FS offers dorms, but it is only to a limited amount of students and the facilities aren’t the best. In terms of student organizations, there are a lot of different sport clubs for almost every kind of sport, also student consulting, student investment club, student politics club, music, arts, etc. Living in Frankfurt is good, it is very multicultural in Germany, with lots of cultural actives, museums, parks, etc. The nightlife is also nice with proper nightclubs compared to the size of the city, Gibson, Velvet, Adlib to name a few, and there also is a bar district in Alt-Sachsenhausend and a lot of bars where bankers go in the city center. The campus is not really comparable to an actual campus like the American universities, but it’s a big modern building that was built 2 years ago. I would definitely recommend it to a friend if you're willing to pay that much for uni, because there are still a lot of public unis in Germany that are comparably good (Mannheim, Goethe, LMU Munich...).