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5 Benefits Of Doing A Business Master’s Degree

Unsure what to do after undergrad? Find out how a business master’s degree can kick-start your career


Thu Jul 25 2019


With the emergence of technology like big data, fintech, and AI, our business landscape is shifting. For today’s recent graduates, technical knowledge is increasingly important.

Top business schools are responding to this challenge by developing more tailored master’s programs, helping their students to navigate our increasingly tech-driven and globalized world. 

Enter: the specialized masters. These business masters qualifications include a technical slant, equipping students with the expertise they need to succeed in their chosen field. 

Many top business schools offer one or more of these courses, including HKUST Business School in Hong Kong (HKUST). The school offers a range of business master’s programs, to help recent graduates kick-start a career in their chosen field.

Considering graduate study? Here are five benefits of doing a specialized business master’s degree:

1. They’re attractive to employers

In a highly competitive job market, specialized industry knowledge can really help graduates to stand out in a crowd. 

The collection of business MScs at HKUST aim to do just that. The programs covers niche skills such as programming and big data analytics, alongside the managerial insights you would expect from a traditional business degree. 

It seems to be working: a GMAC survey found that over half of employers planned to hire graduates from these specialized programs in 2018.

The thriving career service at HKUST Business School also improves job prospects for students, whatever their area of study. On average, 95% of business school MSc students at HKUST secure a job offer within six months of graduating. 

Hong Kong’s expanding job market also plays a role in graduate hiring rates. With a GDP of $341.4 billion, and significant investment in tech, new jobs are constantly being created. 

2. There are plenty to choose from

Through a specialized master’s in business, students can zero in on the topics that matter to them, whether it’s a passion for fintech, a fascination with supply chains, or an enthusiasm for marketing.

This variety is exemplified by HKUST,  where five business MSc programs take precedence. These are the MSc in FinanceMSc in Global OperationsMSc in Information Systems ManagementMSc in International Management, and the MSc in Finance Technology

Although program diversity helps students to find their niche, it does mean that choosing the right program can be challenging. Knowing the role or industry that interests you can be a good place to start. Try taking a look at the educational backgrounds of employees in roles and organizations that appeal to you.

3. You can apply without work experience

Because admission to these programs isn’t contingent on years of work experience, they can act as a spring-board for recent bachelor’s graduates, and early career professionals.

Not only do business master’s students gain industry-specific knowledge, they can also carve out a niche within their selected field, and begin to plan a career trajectory.

4. They help you build a network 

Today, you can barely read 10 words of career advice without finding a reference to networking—and for good reason. Developing a strong network of like-minded professionals is important in any field and a master’s in business can provide an early-career boost.

This is certainly true for master’s students at HKUST. With a diverse, international cohort, students can make connections from around the globe. 

5. They help you access a specialized profession

Most business master’s programs are open to anyone with drive and a good bachelor’s degree. This makes them a useful way to break into a role or industry where technical knowledge is a must-have. 

Whatever the career ambition, choosing the right specialized master’s program can help you transition from a more generalized background to a specialized subject area, and make valuable professional connections. At HKUST, to take one example, students are connected with over 380 recruiters in a range of industries. 

When selecting your program, it’s a good idea to speak to students or alumni of the institutions you are considering. They’ll be able to give you some valuable insight into the learning experience that you just won’t get from a prospectus.

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Student Reviews

HKUST Business School




On Campus

Excellent Supporting Staff

HKUST campus is a very scenic place. However, the best part of the university is the professors and administrators. I have had numerous instances where I have approached them outside their office hours and asked them for help. I have always received full support, and they have helped me escape some very tricky situations. I will miss the faculty and especially the UG Hall 5 Residence Master. I am grateful for his help during my undergraduate program. I will recommend people choose HKUST for their bachelor, master, or Ph.D. studies. Do experience the hall life and you will never regret it.




On Campus

Stressful university

Vibe Students in HKUST is really competitive, they study really hard. Environment Nice sea view and modern campus Teaching Many professors are from mainland, whose accent are difficult to understand sometimes. Harsh grading from most of the professors from my department Opportunities HKUST provides many opportunities and guidance for students on careers and extracurricular activities




On Campus

Hard working and motivational

Major selection activities are very competitive. 1st/2nd year students work hard to get into popular majors they want. If you enjoy working in a competitive environment, this is a great place. Great ocean view with sports facilities and activities ready for you. Many programmes and social clubs available to boost your cv, learn practical skills for future jobs and interviews.





Good for academics but not that good for student life

Professors and teaching staffs definitely know what they are teaching and have strong knowledge in their discipline; Academics can be quite tough and stressful for students as everyone works very hard and course grades are rather competitive; Student societies exist but are not extensive. Activities are also mostly non-existent.