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Reasons You Should Study An Online Master in Management

Remote business diplomas are gaining traction in a digital world. Here are four key reasons you should pursue an online Master in Management


Thu Jul 29 2021

In an increasingly digitally connected world, online masters programs offer a glimpse into the future of education. Learning valuable virtual networking skills while leveraging flexible teaching to grow your career are just two of the benefits of joining an online business diploma.

If you’re looking to enhance your managerial knowledge in a diverse setting and prepare for the future of work in a globalized business world, an online Master in Management degree could be your perfect match.

Here are four reasons you should study an online Master in Management.

You can advance your career while studying

If you’re thinking about enrolling at business school, you often have to weigh up the opportunity costs of pausing your career while studying for your business diploma. 

With an online Master in Management that fits around your schedule, you can have the best of both worlds by continuing with your career and improving your business knowledge at the same time.

That’s why current student, Eduardo Disla Cruz, was attracted to the Online Master of Science (MSc) in International Business Management at EDHEC Online, part of EDHEC Business School. 

Eduardo is based in Canada and studies while working part-time as a remote international business coordinator for a water treatment organization. His role involves developing marketing strategies and planning digital innovation within his company.

He hopes to launch a career in management consulting after graduating from the program and eventually run his own entrepreneurial project.

A quarter of grads enter consulting after the business management track at EDHEC, and Eduardo believes he’s in the right place to reach his goal.

“My career is not only growing thanks to the new knowledge that I’m obtaining but also thanks to the transferable skills gained from the remote experience,” he says.

On the 18-month distance learning Master in Management, students use EDHEC Online’s immersive learning platform to participate in live virtual classes, complete activities and quizzes, and undertake online assessments related to core courses such as managerial economics and digital transformation, or cutting-edge electives like business applications of artificial intelligence.

You’ll work with global companies 

Think that online Master in Management programs are only concerned with business theory? Think again.

EDHEC's Online Master gives students the chance to gain experiential knowledge with global companies that they may not have access to in a face-to-face setting.

The international consulting project sees students create a strategy and propose recommendations for a company based upon a topic of their choice. They either work independently or within a group, gaining an understanding of global markets.

Eduardo will be working on an entrepreneurial path that is aligned with his career goals. His plan is to complete a market study and a business plan to take a new bottled product to market, such as vitamin water. “Working with EDHEC to dig deeper into my future company will be fun and enlightening,” he says.

You'll network with a diverse cohort

Working in an online environment makes it easier to connect with a diverse range of peers at the click of a button. The EDHEC Online MSc in International Business Management consists of a global cohort that’s comprised of 12 nationalities and 60% international students. 

“The diverse professional and academic background allows for very interesting classes and assignments,” says Eduardo, who adds that he enjoys the team exercises on the program the most.

“Witnessing how everyone has something authentic and special to bring to the table, even through remote work, has been a humbling and inspiring experience,” he reflects.

What’s more, by having access to an alumni network that consists of 46,000 grads across 125 countries, students have access to a network that can teach them how business practices and cultures differ between locations and fields of work.

You can access career support whenever you need it

If you’re unsure of the career path you want to take or want a second opinion on a startup idea, then career advisors are a great place to go. An on-demand virtual career service is even better for busy students juggling a growing career and a degree.

The EDHEC Online careers service is built for the digital world. Through the CareerPath counselling program, students participate in one-to-one sessions and team sessions, receiving tailored advice that guides their career choices.

“Together with our coach and teammates, we have created a career map in which we specify and expand on the long-term, medium-term, and short-term goals or aspects of our brands that we want to optimize,” notes Eduardo.

Eduardo believes the expert advice and career support he’s receiving on the program is helping him to finetune his career plans.

“The online master’s diploma is an excellent challenge that will definitely encourage you to grow as a professional and as an individual,” he says.