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EDHEC Business School MBA Class Profile | 5 Key Takeaways

Learn about EDHEC Business School’s Global MBA class profile including work experience, classroom diversity, and MBA requirements


Wed Jun 19 2024

Located in the vibrant city of Nice on the French Riviera, and known for its international outlook and commitment to fostering leadership in a global context, the EDHEC Global MBA is one of Europe's top full-time MBA programs.

The  Global MBA at EDHEC Business School attracts driven individuals from diverse backgrounds. This is because the program can be personalized to match students' goals through electives, specialization tracks, and a tailored MBA project. 

The program's curriculum is designed to cultivate business acumen and the agility to thrive in today's dynamic global marketplace.

Each year, students from around the world join the EDHEC Global MBA program and experience career transformations, including transitioning to new industries and securing employment opportunities in different countries.

Here are five key insights from the EDHEC MBA class profile:

1. MBA students range from early career to seasoned professionals

Students in the EDHEC Global MBA program are required to have at least three years of work experience, though many on the program have more than this.

The average work experience on the program is seven years. However, the mix of experience levels in the MBA class means that early career students with three to four years of experience can learn from seasoned professionals with 15+ years work experience. 

2. MBA students bring a mix of nationalities

In the 2024 cohort of the EDHEC Global MBA program, among 78 participants there are 29 different nationalities represented. 

These students come from all around the world, with 25% arriving from India, 18% from Asia Pacific, 15% from Latin America and the Caribbean, 15% from North America, and 3% from the Middle East. 14% of the cohort hails from Europe.

This is a contrast to other top institutions in the US such as The Wharton School, where the class is composed of just 35% international students.

EDHEC is ranked 7th in the world for international mobility in terms of international career opportunities, according to the Financial Times Global MBA ranking. 78% of recent Global MBA graduates now work in Europe and 70% work outside their home country.

3. EDHEC MBA reaches almost gender parity

There are 47% women in the Global MBA class, which suggests that gender diversity is a top priority at EDHEC Business School.  EDHEC has further shown this commitment through a partnership with the Forté fellowship to support women in business leadership through a range of awards. 

Learning in a diverse setting is highly beneficial to leadership roles. In a globalized world, being able to create inclusive working environments and lead diverse, multicultural teams will be important. 

4. The EDHEC Global MBA is a transformative experience

Students are often motivated to join an MBA program to change the direction of their career, whether this is the location, function, or sector. 

In the EDHEC Global MBA, 81% of students change job location, 69% change industry, 77% change function, and 51% complete the MBA "triple jump" by achieving all three. 

This transformative experience also leads to top opportunities, with 92% of students in the program receiving job offers within three months of graduation. 

5. The MBA admission team approaches applications holistically

Like any top MBA, the Global MBA at EDHEC has a rigorous application process.

To apply for the EDHEC Global MBA, students must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, a minimum of three years of work experience, preferably in an international environment, strong written and spoken English, and a strong GMAT Exam score. 

However, no one metric will make or break your application.

The EDHEC Global MBA admissions team considers each application holistically, looking at what each candidate brings to the cohort in terms of experience and potential, and how they'll fit into the culture at the school.

This qualitative data is assessed through two letters of recommendation, MBA application essays, and, for successful candidates, a video interview and an alumni interview.


The EDHEC Business School Global MBA boasts a diverse, international, and collaborative class where students from a range of backgrounds can support each other throughout the program. 

Given this expectation, the admissions team seeks a tailored application that highlights each candidate's unique character and demonstrates how they will actively contribute to the classroom.