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EDHEC Global MBA Jobs & Salary Review

Who are the top employers for EDHEC Business School? What salary can you expect after an EDHEC Global MBA? Find out in our EDHEC Global MBA jobs and salary review


Tue Jan 30 2024

With bases in Lille, Nice, Paris, London, and Singapore and an average of 30 nationalities represented in a class of under 80, EDHEC Business School's Global MBA program, offers a truly international learning experience. 

The school ranks 57th in the world according to the Financial Times – but does this translate into career success for graduates?

In this MBA jobs and salary review, we dive into career prospects for EDHEC Global MBA grads, including popular industries, top employers, and average salaries.

EDHEC Global MBA Jobs: An Overview

According to the school’s latest employment report, career transformation is common among EDHEC Global MBA grads. 81% of students changed location after studying at EDHEC, 69% changed industry, and 77% changed function. A massive 51% changed all three, landing the coveted MBA “triple-jump”.

Not only is this career transformation decisive, but it’s also fast. 92% of graduates received an offer from an employer within three months of graduating.

EDHEC Global MBA: Popular Industries

The majority of EDHEC Global MBA grads chose jobs in classic MBA industries: consulting (21%), technology (18%), and financial services (16%).

The next most popular sectors were manufacturing and industrial sectors, which accounted for 11% of graduates, energy and utilities, which took 8%, and consumer packaged goods, the destination for 8% of graduates.

The most popular function for grads to choose was finance and accounting, which accounted for nearly a quarter of EDHEC Global MBAs’ post-graduate roles.

Consulting roles were also popular, with 21% of grads choosing them, followed by marketing and sales with 21%, and general management at 13%. Just 11% of EDHEC Global MBAs went into operations and logistics roles.

EDHEC MBA Jobs By Sector

Companies Hiring EDHEC Global MBAs

Although 7% of EDHEC MBA students do go on to launch their careers in startups, many are snapped up by multinational organizations.

In consulting, alumni find careers in big firms including Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, and PwC.

E-commerce is another popular sector for EDHEC grads, who find jobs at organizations including Amazon and Zalando.

Other organizations that recruited EDHEC alumni recently include Brut, L’Oréal, Mars, and Uniqlo.

EDHEC MBA Jobs By Function

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EDHEC Global MBA: Popular Destinations

Perhaps unsurprisingly for such an international program, the majority of EDHEC Global MBA graduates sought careers outside of their home country: 70% work outside of their country of origin.

The school’s strong base in France and the UK lends itself well to MBAs hoping to build careers in Europe. A whopping 78% of EDHEC Global MBA grads in 2024 worked in Europe.

However, EDHEC also offers students the chance to explore opportunities outside of the continent. MBA students undertake two international business trips during their studies and the school boasts a campus in Singapore, giving students access to jobs in Asia. As a result, 16% of graduates earn their living in Asia Pacific.

Outside of these regions, EDHEC Global MBA alumni can be found working in North America (2%), and Latin America and the Caribbean (4%).

EDHEC MBA Jobs By Region

Average EDHEC Global MBA Salaries

A major concern for most MBA students is, understandably, MBA salaries. Studying for an MBA degree is a big financial commitment that requires stepping away from your career for a year or more – you want to ensure you get a return on your investment.

That shouldn’t be a problem on the EDHEC Global MBA. The school offers a global education that gives students access to the highest paying MBA jobs.

The weighted average salary for the class of 2023 was US $130,000, according to the Financial Times. That’s a massive 77% average increase in salary.

This earned the school a career progress rank of 15 overall in the Financial Times’ list, the 4th highest in Europe.

Who is the EDHEC Global MBA for?


For a program that takes just 10 months to complete and costs only €51,000 (around US $56,000) in tuition fees, the level of career transformation possible on the EDHEC Global MBA is highly impressive.

It offers the opportunity to increase your salary by more than 70% and triple-jump into a new career with minimal financial and time investment, especially compared to two-year MBA programs.

Particularly for students with eyes on a career in a classic post-MBA role in finance, tech, or consulting in Europe, EDHEC offers a great option.