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Top Master In Management Programs In The US

Find out where you can study some the best pre-experience Master in Management programs in the US

Wed Nov 15 2023

While MBAs remain the flagship program in the US, there is a growing recognition of the advantages of Master in Management (MiM) programs at US business school’s. 

So far it has been a highly Euro-centric degree, with all but two of the Financial Times’ Top 20 Best MiM’s being outside of Europe. 

However, many US schools are expanding their offerings beyond the traditional one- or two-year MBA. 

Elite universities, such as the M7 business school the University of Chicago Booth School of Business has launched a pre-experience MiM, which caters to a younger, less experienced audience.

An advantage of US MiMs is some hold a STEM-designation . This gives international students, who might be more acquainted with the program, an opportunity to stay longer after graduation. 

International graduates of US STEM programs business schools may hold jobs for for up to three years after graduation without a H1-B visa through the Optional Practical Training program, or OPT. So if you’re looking for a US MiM you might want to consider one with STEM-designated options. 

Here we go through five of the top MiM’s in the US.

1. ASU Thunderbird School of Global Management

Tuition: $70,000

ASU Thunderbird’s Master in Global Management (MGM) has over 15 concentrations, a 96% internship rate, and an 85% employment rate four months post graduation. 

The concentrations include Global Business, Global Digital Transformation, and Data Science all of which are STEM-designated. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for STEM jobs will grow by 13% by 2027 with higher wages than non-STEM jobs: The national average for STEM salaries is $87,570, while non-STEM jobs earn roughly half as much, with an annual average of $45,700. 

The MGM has a generous scholarship system with 96% of MGM students receiving financial assistance. 

The average age of students at the Thunderbird MGM is 25, half of which are women. They have an average of three years work experience and 49 countries are represented. 

Experiential learning is prioritized at the MGM with the Global Challenge Lab. This course has a small team spend three weeks working on each project onsite with their client and one final week of debriefing on campus. 

2. Duke University: The Fuqua School of Business

Tuition: $62,200

Duke Fuqua’s Master of Management (MMS): Foundations of Business is a STEM-designated program. 

Of the MMS’s class of 257, 46% are women, 16% are US underrepresented students of color, and 27 countries are represented. 

The MMS aids experiential learning through the Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum. This project has students solve an existing or emerging issue facing a US-based business over the course of six weeks, with faculty guidance and a second-year MBA student who acts as a coach, mentor and advisor. 

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3. Michigan Ross Master of Management

Tuition: $53,615 (Michigan Residents), $58,615 (non-Michigan residents)

Michigan Ross’s Master of Management is a 10-month intensive degree program for recent non-business college graduates with zero to two years work experience post-graduation. 

The class of 2024 has 146 students, over half of whom are women (53%), and have a high average GPA of 3.67. 

In your final term, you can integrate what you've learned throughout the year in the Management Consulting Studio for an experiential consulting opportunity with a real business.

Of the class of 2022, 100% had an offer within six months with a median base salary of $75k. Top hiring companies of the MM are Accenture, Deloitte, and Capital One. 

4. Boston University Questrom School of Business 

Tuition: $63,798

Questrom’s MS in Management Studies (MiM) program is a STEM-eligible degree program. This means international students get three years work experience post-MiM.  

The incoming class has 106 enrolled students, 53% who are women, and an average of nine months work experience.

Questrom has experiential learning integrated into its MiM degree. It has a 50:50 ratio of project learning to class learning time. Every student also undertakes a different, business-building project every eight weeks. 

Grads are immediately rewarded for their studies as starting salaries of MiM grads are 20k higher than the average for US business college graduates. 

5. Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management  

Tuition: $64,842

An M7 business school, Northwestern Kellogg’s MiM is a 10-month, STEM-designated program. It aims to advance students skills in communication, leadership and innovation through rigorous coursework.

Beyond coursework, MiM students can participate in the Global Initiatives in Management course. Students will travel to a country or region outside the US to learn about that market’s key business trends, norms, challenges and successes.

97% of the 2022 class received a job offer within three months of graduating, and 25% have an automatic deferred acceptance for the one-year MBA.