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3 Ways A Scholarship Can Increase Your ROI While Studying A Master’s In France

From networking with Dior to living in Paris, find out how winning a scholarship helped this Indian student make the most of her Master in Management degree at a top French business school


Fri Mar 15 2024

There are many reasons why you should consider a business masters in France—not only does the famed nation of artists and haute cuisine boast a selection of top b-schools, it can also provide a much cheaper option for your studies. 

For example, while a Master in Management degree at a top US school such as NYU Stern sits as $72,000, in France the average figure for a top-ranked school stands at a comparatively lower $40,000.  954785db65b996189367e8758eba1443d771f56e.jpg

For Aashna Menda (pictured right), a communications graduate from Mumbai, the prospect of living in the enigmatic capital of Paris also drew her in. 

“It just seemed like a dream city, but not too slow. I wanted something similar to Mumbai; a fast city with a fast-paced life,” she says. 

In her search for the right program, Aashna came across the two-year Master in Management at ESSCA School of Management, Paris. Not only does the school offer a competitive total tuition cost of €13,125 per year, it also offered a Marketing and Retailing specialization with strong connections to the luxury industry—an area that Aashna wanted to delve further into. 

Depending on the specialization that students pick—such as Finance, Accounting and Management Control—the program can also be studied across eight different campuses, including Lyon, Budapest, and Shanghai. 

Once Aashna was accepted onto the MiM program she was able to apply for ESSCA’s Excellence scholarship; a fund offered to international masters students which can cover up to 25% of tuition fees. 

The application simply involved downloading a scholarship form from ESSCA’s website and answering questions surrounding her academic record, non-academic excellence, diversity, community service, volunteer activities, and international outlook.

She was then shortlisted, and, after two weeks of waiting, told she had been awarded the scholarship.

Now almost a year into her dream MiM program, Aashna identifies three major ways that the scholarship has positively impacted her investment in her business education in France.

1. More time to focus on classes

As many students worldwide can attest to, having to work part-time during your degree is far from ideal—particularly in an expensive city such as Paris. 

“I'm really grateful that they took away one [worry], so that I can focus on my studies,” Aashna says. 

With the jam-packed nature of the MiM’s curriculum—which includes core courses such as data analytics, leadership, and CSR—it’s important to be able to give yourself time to digest all of the new information.

The scholarship money made it easier for Aashna to secure an apartment close to the ESSCA campus, allowing her to dive into her classes straight away. 

One aspect of the degree so far that Aashna has reaped the benefits from is the emphasis placed on presentations and public speaking.

“With so many opportunities to talk in front of multiple people and huge crowds, I feel more confident now,” she says. 

2. More extracurricular opportunities

Often one of the most enriching parts of a Master in Management is the ability to get stuck into extracurricular activities.

Particularly at ESSCA, which has been awarded Campus France’s “Bienvenue en France” certification for its high-quality reception of international students, there are a variety of events organized to help those from overseas adjust to their new life on campus.

One such event that stood out to Aashna was the international student welcome day, which included activities such as volleyball, treasure-hunting, and networking while barbecuing. 

“That was one of my favorite days because I met so many people that are still my very good friends today, six months later,” she says. 

Additionally, ESSCA also offers several associations in the realm of arts, culture, and sports that students are encouraged to get involved in (which even includes a club for wine-tasting).

Given Aashna’s interest in the luxury and marketing world, she immediately gravitated towards the ESSCA Luxury Society. There, students are put in contact with high-end companies such as Hermes and Dior, with whom they organize talks and store visits. 

“We get to network with other brands and people, which is really helpful, especially in this field,” she says. 

3. Increased career opportunities 

Another crucial area that the scholarship has given Aashna time to focus on is exploring her career opportunities. 

In the ESSCA MiM, students are required to take part in an internship of their choosing at the end of the first year, after which they then specialize in one of 10 different fields.

Since landing the right internship can have a large influence over the rest of the course, it’s important to give it the time and consideration it deserves.

Fortunately, ESSCA has a Careers Center that provides one-on-one career coaching to students looking for their first jobs or internships. 

“They guide you with how you need to go ahead with the applications. They’re extremely helpful,” Aashna says. 

Positioned in enterprise-driven Paris, ESSCA graduates can enter a range of career paths, such as sustainable management, finance, and marketing.

Plus, three years after the MiM, they can also expect average salaries of roughly $68,000—more than double the cost of the tuition fees. 

Successfully landing a scholarship has enabled Aashna to maximize her ROI while studying. For other students who are applying for funding, she advises: 

“You should be real with your answers. Don't try to show people that you want to do something very big, don't try to show that you're the best. Just be yourself. Tell them about what your dreams and hopes are, and what you aspire to be.” 

Student Reviews





On Campus

Great for International Students

It has been a great experience at this University where teaching, tutors and students were of great quality and competitiveness. Classes were held in batches of 20-30 students. The overall quality of the content was good to great. The library was also great, with lots of books available online. Architecture and layout seemed modern. They even had a piano and a Japanese garden for students to use! Students were friendly and the town of the university (Angers) was incredible! Great staff that handle your concerns and great choices for accommodation. Student life with clubs and french cuisine is also amazing. These are the reasons I am giving 5 out of 5




Alumni Network

ESSCA is a school created more than 110 years ago, which therefore has a large network of alumni. This is very practical when you need to find an internship or if you need advice on a career path. Moreover, there is a good atmosphere between the students so there is no problem to meet people from different backgrounds, and we can then keep in touch and have a fairly large network.





I am a student who has just joined ESSCA, the overall experience of admission was carried out in a well organised manner and I also made a visit to the university where I was fascinated to see the way classes were conducted.It was more of seminars where students were encouraged to get involved and make efforts rather than professors stepping in. But I was a bit disappointed to know there was no Play ground or place to relax and there wasn't a good cafeteria either.




On Campus

Bachelor's degree

The school curriculum are quite messed up. Since they have so many campuses, it will be really hard to control all of the program's quality. Sometimes, the professor does not know what they are teaching since all of the material was already made by someone in the main campus.




On Campus


ESSCA School of Management is known for its international approach and diverse programs. In my opinion, many students appreciate its emphasis on experiential learning and the opportunities for international exposure through exchange programs and internships. However, some may find the workload demanding and challenging but that's the way it operates. Whether I recommend it would depend on your specific academic and career goals, as well as your preferences for learning style and environment. Likes/ Dislikes: *Essca provides enormous opportunities to improve and enhance your skill. *Diversified culture *Provides webinars and seminars across all the campuses. *Workload Management could be seen as an disadvantage. As sometimes, you may find it very challenging.