5 US Business Schools Blazing A Trail In Big Data Analytics

In today’s business world, big data analytics skills have become increasingly important

Opportunity abounds for people who can extract value from Big Data—complex, overwhelming datasets that can offer predicative insights.

Data has become currency unto itself. Now that corporations have your information, they need people to harness and transform that data into something tangible.

Academia has been a particularly fertile petri dish for companies to develop solutions to understanding their vast quantities of data. In the last 10 years, many top American business schools have sought to incorporate Big Data techniques into their curricula, either through MBA specializations or standalone degrees.

Here’s five US business schools blazing a trail in big data analytics:

1. MIT Sloan


 MIT Sloan’s long been a fixture at the data science rodeo and, in many ways, has set the tenor for contemporary data degrees. 

Michelle Li, director of MIT Sloan’s Master of Business Analytics Program, says: “Academic excellence in data science and business...

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