How My MBA From IE Business School Got Me A Consulting Job At McKinsey

Peter Frode landed a senior consultant role at McKinsey within two months of completing his MBA at Spain's IE Business School

In the years before his International MBA at IE Business School, Peter Frode had consolidated a career in mechanical engineering—he was a project engineer for Siemens before becoming CTO of an environmental services company in Germany.

But he wanted to gain a solid understanding of business in order to propel his career. After narrowing his search options down to a one-year program in Europe, he got what he was after at IE Business School.

Two months after graduating, he landed a senior consultant role at McKinsey & Company—89% of IE’s 2015-to-16 International MBA cohort secured jobs within 3 months of graduating.  

peter frode

“I wasn’t planning on consulting before IE,” he admits. “I was thinking about starting my own thing.

“But the International MBA is so diverse that it gave me a broad view of a lot of different topics, so I decided not to work on a startup immediately.”

Although he took an idea through IE’s Venture Lab—the school’s flagship entrepreneur scheme that takes student’s startup ideas and makes them investor ready—he and his team decided not to go forward with their venture.

Instead, it was when a member of the McKinsey team came in as a key speaker for the school’s consulting club that the seeds for Peter’s own consulting career were sowed—coincidentally, 38% of last year’s International MBA graduates landed roles in consulting and finance.

As part of the consulting club, students are given in depth industry knowledge, prepared for the recruitment process, and highlighted as potential candidates to incoming recruiters—they also take part in networking events with alumni and consulting professionals.

Indeed, it was at a networking event where Peter met a partner from McKinsey who gave him further advice and guidance on how the company works and how best to succeed during the recruitment process.

“I saw it as an interesting way to work on a project-by-project basis and apply my knowledge to a variety of different projects,” Peter explains.

Coming into the world of consulting at McKinsey after eight years prior work experience in the mechanical engineering sector was a challenge, admits Peter.

But the intense, diverse nature of the International MBA at IE Business School—with 92% international students in the MBA class—prepared Peter for the transition.

“Before I went to IE they promised diversity,” Peter says. “The people that go there are not only consultants and bankers, but marketers, artists, politicians.”

And, he says, that translates into a holistic learning experience—“by working on a marketing project with a marketer, you are not only learning from professors but also from your classmates.”

The year can sometimes feel like a constant tempest of information—“the learning curve is extremely steep,” explains Peter—but when you then venture into the corporate world with that knowledge the world is your oyster.

As Peter explains, it is becoming increasingly important for a company to cope with the fast-paced, social media-driven corporate society we live in—you have to pick things up instantly and translate them into progress without a second’s thought.

And since his MBA at IE Business School, that’s what Peter does with McKinsey, working closely with clients on tech projects—“it’s a challenge, but also an opportunity,” he says.

“How a company presents itself nowadays is vital. Everything is so transparent, you have to act responsibly and much closer to the customer.” 




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