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MBA Students To Look Out For—2018

MasterChef contestant, international twist dance champion, aspiring wildlife photographer, our list has it all; meet 2018’s incoming class of budding MBA business big-shots


Mon Oct 15 2018


2018’s incoming class of MBAs have a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and business skills between them. But, there’s more than meets the eye with this year’s standout candidates.

From a MasterChef contestant to an international twist dance champion, an avid trekker to an aspiring wildlife photographer—our list has it all.

So, just who are the next generation of business leaders destined for the c-suite, entrepreneurial adventures, and all-round business success?

We’ve rounded up 2018's MBA students to look out for:

1. Hans Stauch, Smurfit Graduate Business School


A recent addition to the MBA course at Smurfit, South African Hans Stauch has experience running a top modelling agency in Australia. He’s even represented models such as Gigi Hadid.

“I’m pursuing the MBA so I can focus on further developing my leadership and management skills, to build up my international network, and to transfer my career progression into a new industry,” says Hans, whose post-MBA goal is to work in consulting. 

And, if he wasn’t doing an MBA?

You’d find the former manager of IMG Models “driving around the Maasai Mara and Serengeti in a Land Rover, head to toe in khaki clothing, taking pictures of wildlife.” 

2. Dr Faheem Ahmed, London Business School


Dr Faheem Ahmed is an NHS doctor now studying for an MBA at London Business School. His entrepreneurial talents have been on show from a young age—aged 13, he would sell pick & mix from his classroom locker. 

He says his main motivator has always been to address the inequalities we face as a society. He is hoping the London Business School MBA helps deliver on that front, transforming him into a successful healthcare leader able to make services more sustainable and fit for the people he serves.

“As the one of the only Londoners in my year, I am very fortunate to have so many countries of the world represented in my course, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives for me to benefit from.”

“I hope that the MBA will teach me how to effectively design, fund, and manage processes that create the greatest social impact,” he says, “and to lead a high-quality and affordable healthcare system for disadvantaged populations.

3. Radhika Bahl, University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business (USC)


Radhika hails from India, and was a consultant for Deloitte Consulting in Bengaluru for three years until she decided to take the plunge and pursue the MBA at USC.

Heading for Los Angeles, Radhika aims to improve her leadership skills and grow her business network and skillset.

Aside from her career, Radhika has engaged in numerous volunteering projects for organizations including Oxfam India. She was also a life coach for ten months, mentoring children from shelter homes in slum areas of India.

4. Safa Ismaeil, European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), Berlin


Egyptian by birth, Safa recently worked in Cairo’s Ministry of Health and Population. Now, she’s studying for an MBA in Berlin with ESMT.

Her favorite aspect of the program?

“I love the diversity of my class. On my...

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