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Why Love Blossoms At Business School

MBA students are smashing the 'divorce course' myth, showing how love can blossom at business school

Thu Feb 14 2019

For many couples, the important questions in their relationship are, ‘When do we want to get married?’ or, ‘How many children do we want?’

But for some couples, a more pressing question is, ‘How will our relationship survive an MBA?’

With its high contact hours and competitive environment, business school might not appear the kindest environment for love to blossom—the MBA in some corners is even spoken of as the ‘divorce course’.

That seems a mere myth though, and the truth sheds light on a little more optimism. This Valentine’s Day, we meet the MBA students showing why love blossoms at business school.

Sandra & Oliver, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, Class of 2017



In 2016, Sandra Perrett and Oliver Jones made the decision to move together from Australia to the UK. Oliver had been accepted to study an MBA at Saïd Business School at the University of...

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