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9 Skills Business Leaders Of The Future Will Need

In the digital age, the skill set required of the modern business leader is changing. We find out how to thrive in the age of technology

Thu Feb 28 2019

The workplace of the future is an ominous place in some circles. Automation and robotics have displaced the majority of the human workforce; retraining and upskilling has lost its worth; and the career ladder is short too many rungs, impossible to climb.

But, in January 2019 at the MERIT Summit—an executive education conference—room was made for optimism.

BusinessBecause put the question to attendees, ‘What is the one key skill or trait all business leaders of the future will need?’ and the answers came in aplenty.

Here are the nine key skills successful business leaders of the future will need:

1. A global mindset

Anders Richtnér (pictured below), the CEO of Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) Executive Education, thinks that future business leaders will need an understanding that their roles are not bound to a single company, or culture, or place.

What they will need is an affinity with the global issues that tie us all together.


2. Adaptability

The workplace of the future will require business leaders to have the willingness and patience to engage with the challenges posed by adapting...

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