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CFA Vs MBA? Here’s Why You Should Do Both

Find out how CFA-holders can benefit from doing an MBA, and why MBA-holders can benefit from taking CFA exams too

Mon Mar 25 2019

CFA vs MBA. It is one of the most hotly-debated questions in financial training circles: should you get an MBA degree or become a CFA charter-holder by passing all three levels of the “Chartered Financial Analyst” exams?

There is some overlap between the two qualifications, but they serve different markets. Traditionally, an MBA was viewed as a stepping stone to a wide array of senior management roles, as it teaches broad leadership skills. In contrast, the CFA exams are more technical than MBAs, making them more relevant to specialist finance roles, such as asset management.

Why should CFA holders do an MBA?

The two credentials are not mutually exclusive however, according to Stephen Thomas, professor of finance at London’s Cass Business School. He says charter-holders can...

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