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30 Business Schools Which Look Best On Your CV—According To Employers

Want an MBA degree that makes you stand out? We list the business schools with the best reputation among MBA employers


Thu Mar 14 2019

For any prospective MBA student, the reputation of the business school and program they’re applying to is important.

At a job interview, the reputation of the MBA degree on your CV can give you an advantage over a similarly qualified candidate.

Reputation can also impact starting salaries. Alumni from well-respected schools tend to make more than alumni from lesser-known institutions.

In Bloomberg Businessweek’s Best Business School Rankings for 2018, 3,698 recruiters were surveyed to get their perspective on the topic of reputation. They also ranked the best business schools for diversity.

Each recruiter ranked five schools according to reputation. The top-ranked school was awarded five points; the bottom school one point.

After the dust settled, Stanford came out on top...

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