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WEBINAR | What Is The Return On Investment Of An MBA?

MBAs can be costly, and graduates will be keen to see results. In this webinar, we look at how you can figure out the return on investment of your MBA


Thu Apr 16 2020

Ask most MBA students what their priorities were after finishing their MBA, and most will mention return on investment. 

Given the cost and length of MBA programs, it's not surprising. 

In this BusinessBecause Presents webinar, senior writer Thomas Nugent talks to faculty and students from Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University (TCU), who look to understand the sort of return on investment you can expect to see post-MBA. 


Thomas Nugent - Senior Writer, Business Because

Ed Riefenstahl - Director ofExperiential Learning at TCU  

Sierra Dunaway - Innovation Manager at Sabre Corporation & TCU Alum 

Dennis Mullahy - Chief Supply Chain Officer at Macy’s Inc


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