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Why More MBA Students Are Staying Local

With COVID-19 disrupting international travel, more MBA students are considering business schools closer to home. We speak to three MBA graduates to find out the advantages of studying local

Mon Oct 26 2020



“I wanted to be in a smaller community where I felt like I had a voice, and could make a difference,” she recalls. “When I visited campus and did my interview, everything felt right.”

For Chelsea, choosing a business school close to home did not mean sacrificing a global network. Her classmates had diverse backgrounds, and she had many opportunities to network with students from other schools in the area.

As a member of the Consortium—a network dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in business—Kenan Flagler also offered networking opportunities with other member schools.  

“Even though this was a local school for me, I was still around people from every part of the world—it still felt very diverse,” she explains.

This network helped her find an internship opportunity with Colgate-Palmolive, which has since evolved into a full-time position. To others who want to go to business school, she recommends considering a local program.

“I felt ingrained in the local community, and felt really confident about the program because I was so familiar with the setting,” she concludes.

“I always want to champion my region”