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Engineer To Blockchain Expert: 5 Ways My MBA Paid Off

Varun Singhi’s MBA bolstered his work experience, took him to one of the world’s best business schools, and even helped him write a book on blockchain


Mon Nov 9 2020



Writing the book proved to be very fruitful for Varun’s jobhunt. He posted about the book on LinkedIn, which prompted one of his network contacts to approach him about a job. 

He is now the head of technology and operations at Blockchain Stealth Startup, building Malaysia's first regulated and compliant digital asset exchange platform. 

“I’m grateful that with the right mentor support, the right direction, and the right passion, I got to follow my aspirations.” 

Alongside this, Varun was accepted onto the prestigious Digital Economist apprenticeship program. The program brings together early stage professionals who want practical training in building digital-first businesses, with an emphasis on social entrepreneurship. 

For Varun, it’s a great exercise in enhancing his digital leadership while displaying what he learned on his MBA. 

“This is an entrepreneurial digital training program, and being an entrepreneur means you have to be flexible enough to work with different cultures, rules, time zones. It's a holistic picture of how you work in a group—here I’ve been able to leverage my action learning skills.”

5. Intangible benefits

While he has several clear tangible takeaways from his MBA, some of the biggest payoffs have been intangible. 

In the face of COVID-19, his MBA has given him the "ability to face uncertainty with certainty", he says. 

Secondly, inculcating himself with a growth mindset. “We talk about this in terms of companies, but I think the same for individuals. I'm able to step back and change my plans based on the situation. That is what the world currently wants—to see how dynamic and agile you are in terms of thinking.”

Thirdly, replacing his fear of failure with a fear of not trying things. 

This applies to everything from reorienting his career towards blockchain, to seizing the opportunity to write a book, to applying for the Digital Economist training program.  

More importantly, though, have been the benefits for his whole family. Throughout his MBA, and his career, Varun remains conscious of putting his family first.

“My MBA wasn’t just for me, it's for my entire family. ‘The more we hustle, the more we experience, and the wiser we become’. That mantra—I communicated that to my family regarding what I was getting from ASB.”

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